Where did this weather come from? It's not ours,,, give it back to Seattle :0)


I haven't made an entry for a while...  I've been doing a few ground sessions and managed to get in a training flight and a fun flight in one of the breaks we had in the weather a handful of weeks ago.

So, where DID this weather come from.  We have had almost two months of nothing but rain and although we are currently in the midst of a storm, as soon as this one ends there is another storm front coming this weekend.

A couple of weeks back, John and I managed to get a double-session (did about 12 takeoffs and landings) in the Piper Arrow III.  We were scheduled for last Friday, but both the weather and the Arrow were not cooperating (the Arrow III was back in maintenance ((we REALLY need an extra one of these at our flight school - since both the Commercial students and the CFI students need access to a complex aircraft))).  So, we are scheduled for a 'double-session' this Friday (and the Arrow III is 'up' again) however the weather is again looking questionable.

Just to be sure I 'keep my head in the game' I've been reading and reviewing some of the subject areas for the CFI.  I've found the audio CD's that I've created (basically the audio track copied from the instructional DVD's I have) most helpful in continuing my study in what would otherwise be 'down' time while I was in the car driving.  Allows me to keep my studying going, no matter where I'm at.

Well not much else to be reporting on.  I DID manage to take a 'just for fun' SF Bay Tour and I squeezed off a few pictures in the process which can be seen here: http://www.bayareapilot.com/SFbaytour.htm

So, that's about 'it' for now... I'll try to write more when the weather starts looking up.

Good Flights!

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