Did the last ground session subject last, Friday...

March 7, 2006

As I've said before it was never my intention to have diary entry for every flight or ground session.  You, dear reader, would start to bore, quickly if I did. :0)

Last Friday, I 'checked off' the last required ground subject that I had to 'teach' to my instructor.  I did, Radio navigation aids (VOR & GPS) and we revisited ADM and Preflight Planning which effectively closed the list.  I keep thinking there must be something, but it appears we've covered all of them.

My instructor (partly, jokingly) asked if I was ready to schedule the checkride now and I 'reminded' him (he already knew,,, he just wanted to see if I still did) that we still had to get some time in the Piper Arrow III, again, to get me back up to speed for the complex portion of the CFI checkride.  He agreed.  I have the Arrow III booked for next week.  It has been awhile since I've been in the Arrow III (if you'll remember, I had to switch to a borrowed Arrow II just before my checkride when the Arrow III my flight school had, was waiting some new parts).

Weather has been a major issue lately with trying to get a good flight day to practice some of the maneuvers, myself, in the Cessna 172.  In fact, the only 'break' this week appears to occur tomorrow and I had advance booked a 172 for that day only to discover that it has been pulled off the line for maintenance (and no other C172's were available).  Rather than scrub the flight day I went ahead and booked a Cessna 152 (for old times sake,,,, not to mention when I have my CFI certificate, I'll likely be spending a LOT of time in those trusty little two-seaters).

So, I'll likely just take one up and shoot a few landings and maybe, if the ceilings are cooperating, fly over to the practice area and revisit some of the old Private Pilot maneuvers that I'll have to teach (turns around pylons and s-turns across a road, etc...).

Well, we'll see how the weather cooperates tomorrow.  I have the Cessna 152 from 11 to 1PM, although I don't know that I'll be using it THAT long,,, probably about an hour of flying time.

Good Flights!

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