Second Solo Cross-Country

Reid-Hillview (RHV) to King City (KIC)


Just after completing my first solo cross-country I was thinking of even more distant flights than KIC, but my instructor mentioned that we would be doing very frequent flying before my checkride.  So, to save the remaining pennies <grin> I had to pick a destination that would meet the regulations, but not be too long to save some $$ for the pre-checkride training.

As I had done before, I planned this route very well, so that it would be easy to navigate.  Even though the flight didn't have the 'virtue' of being my first solo cross-country, in other ways it was an even more pleasant experience - quite relaxing and leisurely.  I think the latter was due in-part to the fact that I had already proved to myself (from the first solo x-country) that I could find my way there and the way back; hence, that 'concern' was out of the way - this left some wonderful moments just to soak up and 'bask' in the sheer joy and all-encompassing pleasure of reveling in this miracle we call 'flight'.  Did I say yet that I love to fly? :-)  I really, really, love to fly!

Looking out at RHV on my way....

              Town of Salinas

                                                                                        Somewhere near Soledad

 Town of Greenfield                                                                                  King City airport from the air

King City AirportKing City (KKIC) Mesa Del Rey Airport


Mesa Del Rey (KKIC)

On the ground at King City (KIC) - By the way, I want to point out that I taxied into that tie-down spot ( right smack dab in-line with the 'T'), YEAH!

Upon landing I went to the modest (but quite nice) pilot lounge to grab a phone to close my flight plan, find the restroom and gas up the plane.  It wasn't long after stepping out of the pilot lounge that I noticed the winds were really starting to pick-up.  Since they were easily, 20 - 25 knots, I thought I should call my CFI on the phone (since my endorsement only covered winds up to 15 knots) to get the official 'okay', though I really didn't expect that he would have any concerns (which he didn't).  I really wasn't the least bit concerned about the winds, because although they were strong, they were coming straight down the runway.  The higher wind speed would just mean that I would reach rotation speed sooner and that my groundspeed would be lower.

Well, I started to use the self-service pump to fuel up the plane and my card wouldn't work.... oops.  Thankfully, when I went back to the lounge, I found someone in the back who ran the pumps who was able to run my card.  Either way I would have been fine, 'cause I made sure that I brought some cash too.

Nope, not a whole lot going on here! :-)                                                            Time to leave and head back to RHV

Time to head back to my home airport.  Filed my return flight plan.  Fueled up the plane (have you ever tried to use a very light aluminum stepladder in strong winds,,, it was entertaining <grin>).  Sampled the fuel and did a run-up before take-off.  I announced that I was taking the active runway on CTAF and lined-up the plane for takeoff.  The strong headwinds made take-off a breeze (unintentional pun here), headed back to RHV confident and peaceful in the skies.  Have I told you yet that I LOVE to fly?  Yep?  I figured I had,,, 'cause I dearly do!

Good Flights!

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