San Carlos Airport (KSQL)

San Carlos, California


Well this is where it all began.  These pictures are recent.  It surprised me when I realized that I had a picture of just about everywhere, except the place where my first flight took place.  So, I set out to take a few pictures of the airport where I began my journey.  Though I finished my PPL with another flight school at another airport (after being dissatisfied with the FBO I was with, at the time), indeed San Carlos Airport IS where it all started.  I still visit this airport regularly, to frequent the wonderful airport cafe, known as "The Sky Kitchen".  Here are some pics (however, 'belated' of where I took my first flight from).

San Carlos Airport

A view looking down runway 12 (on the other side of the fence across the road)

sky kitchen cafe at San Carlos Airport

One of the 'treasures' of airport cafes is the Sky Kitchen.  Since they are along the route that I use to get to computer component vendors, I try to always make a daily stop at this wonderfully run cafe.  Food is consistently excellent and the owners and their staff will leave you with a smile on your face! (Click on the picture for location map)


Ben (not pictured) and his wife Zoreh (in the red top and out-of-focus,,,, sorry Zoreh), run this cafe with the help of an exceptional staff.  Really, try this place once and you will want to tell everyone about it! :-)

Sky Kitchen Cafe

A view from my stool towards the airport terminal entrance.  There is also table seating (not pictured) which affords you a leisurely view of the runway.  Great place to hear some great flying stories and get an incredible meal.

A picture of a rotating beacon which,, uh,, er,,, rotates! ;-)

A great little pilot supply shop with a very helpful and earnest staff and owner!

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Here's a picture of some of the flight schools this airport has to offer; Diamond Aviation & West Valley Flying Club

While I haven't had any personal experience with either of these flight schools, I've generally heard good things about them both, word-of-mouth.  By the way, neither one of these FBO's was the one that I had (in my estimation) the negative experience with, early in my training when I flew out of San Carlos for instruction.

Of course my personal favorite (where I got the rest of my instruction, my PPL AND where I continue to fly as a renter pilot) is Nice Air at Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose, CA.  Their link appears below:


Pictured at top (tie-down area as viewed from Sky Kitchen porch).  Bottom picture, a view, inside, of Mary Griffin-Ramseur Terminal Building

Good Flights!

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