San Carlos Airport (KSQL)

San Carlos, California

Richard Flies The Skies, Yet Again!


Rich had just got a new digital camera that he wanted to try out and I suggested what better way to test it out than IN THE SKIES! :)  What follows are some of the pics he took during our trip!

Nice Air, where our journey begins! :)

 Rich grabs a pic of me at my CFI desk area


 Checking a fuel sample during the preflight

Great shot of our 'ride' for the trip to San Carlos Airport

 Waiting to be sequenced by the tower for takeoff.  Ahead of us is a Cessna 152, holding short of the hold-short line.

Jokingly, I tell Richard that we will have to whisper at altitude because of this sign. <wink>

 Awaiting clearance for takeoff, looking down runway 31R

 Rich snaps a shot of the windsock as we takeoff!

 We were using Norcal Approach for flight following to San Carlos Airport.  This is generally a nice method to employ as one has an extra set of eyes watching everything on radar AND you are talking to them directly.  They give traffic advisories enroute and manage your move from frequency to frequency.  They tracked us using the 'squawk code" we had requested while we were on the ground at KRHV.  Our first instruction was to contact San Jose International Airport and get clearance to enter their airspace .....

In both these photos we are heading towards San Jose Airport which gave us instructions to fly over the airport at 2000 feet or above at midfield over the runway.


 Our next instruction, given to us this time by the San Jose Tower (KSJC), was to fly towards Moffet Airfield

 As we neared Moffet Airfield, we were given instructions by SJC to contact the Moffet Tower...

 Moffet Airfield

 View of the bay.....

 Palo Alto Airport (PAO), we were passed from Moffet to the PAO tower

 Nearing San Carlos Airport (KSQL), cleared by San Carlos Tower for landing.....

 Tied-down the plane,,,, off we go to Sky Kitchen Cafe for lunch.  Great place to stop with a wonderful staff and excellent breakfast or lunch at a good honest price.

 Leaving San Carlos Airport, looking at the Oracle building


 We had requested the Belmont Slough Departure.....  Below is Redwood Shores community.

 Flying across the bay with Mount Diablo in the distance to the North

 Off to the left of the photo is a reporting point, Coyote Hills, a reporting point for San Carlos Airport for pilots approaching from the East

 In the distance, San Antonio Reservoir

 Now, headed Southwest we pass along the ridge of hills and see Calaveras Reservoir off to our left

 Off in the distance, to the right of Lake Cunningham (home of Raging Waters) is 

Reid-Hillview Airport

 Cleared for 31R, on final approach!

Yet another shared adventure!  Rich said he was ready for our next flight in the near future, in the skies!


Good Flights!

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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