Castle/Atwater Airport (MER)

Atwater, California


(first-time, as my passenger - and he survives! <grin>)

Pilot Guy, getting ready to take Rich, for his first flying adventure with me!

Since this would be my long-time friend's first flight with me, I thought it best to pick a destination that was within an hour or so.  I figured this would be a good amount of airtime for a first-time passenger's flight, to be sure it was something he'd enjoy.

Shortly after landing my passenger is exhibiting the frightening effects of hypoxia - will he EVER be the same. ....  Just kidding....<GRIN>

Rich, goofing off,,, or just trying to end the chances for that modeling career! :-)

On the ground at Castle Airport (formerly Castle Air Force Base).  Rich's smile was quite genuine and Pilot Guy was happy that Rich was smiling and seemed to have had a good time on the flight over to MER.

In the background, you can see an abandoned tower; a remnant from this airport's days as a busy Air Force base.  Inside the base of the building is the airport office, pilot lounge and restrooms.

Once, you are inside you can arrange to get a free ride over to the Museum which is a short distance away from the airport

I was certainly glad for the information plaques and my passenger's considerable knowledge about these planes.  The extent of my aircraft identification skills was to label each aircraft as a, "big plane". :-)

No amount of photos could possibly do this outdoor (AND indoor) museum, justice.  Every time we turned a corner we were greeted by the sight of MORE planes!

Castle Museum Gift Shop

The food was so good and filling at the Flight Of Fancy Restaurant, I feared that I might have to recalculate the weight and balance figures for the pilot and passenger.  Good, honest food for a reasonable price, be sure to stop here after your visit.
Saying 'goodbye' to the friendly & helpful staff at the airport office and pilot lounge, before heading home!


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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