Oceano Airport (L52)

Oceano, California

(some revised pictures from future visits included on this page)

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The skies beckon, so PilotGuy and my willing passenger are off for their adventure.  I had always wanted to fly to Oceano, but had to patiently wait for a day when the 'fog gods' would be 'merciful' J.

To the left is a shot over the cowling looking out towards our first waypoint; South County Airport (San Martin - Q99).

Just left-abeam of us, far-off in the distance, we can just make out some of the unique geologic formations of Pinnacles National Monument.

My passenger, momentarily, tries her hand on the yoke; straight and on-course! 

In the picture, above and to the left: A view of the 'patchwork quilt' of farmland with a river taking a serpentine route over the land below.  Picture Above Right:  Mesa Del Rey (King City - KIC) Airport.  Flying past this airport had special significances to me.  One; it represented the furthest south (near the coast) that I had ever flown, until today.  Secondly (and most significantly); it had been one of my solo cross country destinations, as a student .  PilotGuy looked down at King City Airport with affection and softly called out, "Good to see you again, old friend."  I felt warmed by the memories of that solo x-country flight and MzWings, didn't say a word but looked on, and 'said' she understood with a smile.

Above:  Two views of Paso Robles (PRB) Airport

Above:  San Luis Obispo (SBP) Airport

Just a short distance further from San Luis Obispo and we have Oceano (L52) Airport in-sight!

pacific ocean near Oceano Airport

The plan for entering the left pattern set-up for runway 29 was fairly straight-forward.  Fly an upwind leg out over the ocean, make a crosswind turn over the water.  Then turn downwind (heading back to land), since the pattern was empty and the rest from that point was a standard left-hand pattern over land.

Taken from the passenger seat: capturing my approach......


Landing on runway 29

Oceano Airport Sign


Oceano Campground

 For those that don't want to 'rough it' in a campground there is the

Pacific Plaza Resort Hotel

Just outside of the airport we are greeted by Oceano's local welcoming committee.  J
A short walk outside the airport gate leads to this beautiful park with a small pond.
Just as we were asking one of the airport personnel where a good place to eat would be found, a pilot coming back through the airport gate with his son said, "Oceano Beach Fish & Chips Restaurant, best fish and chips I have ever had."  We didn't need to hear more... we were off....

Just a short 3 to 5 minute walk from the airport and we were there.  My passenger is waiting for PilotGuy to hurry up and take the picture as we are both VERY hungry and may devour ALL the food, within.

We came here expecting something good and discovered something extraordinary.  With NO exaggeration, whatsoever, I have to tell you that the way these fish (in the fish & chips) are prepared creates a meal that is the STUFF OF DREAMS.  Tender fish (real fish, not the triangular machine pressed from parts - kind) breaded just perfectly and lightly deep-fried.  Yum!!!!!!!  If you come to Oceano, you MUST (let me repeat that) you MUST try this quaint little restaurant's fish and chips. 

Note:  Permanently Closed now

Oceano Campground
View of Pismo Beach

(unfortunately this shot was taken with the bad camera mentioned in an earlier shot - it was actually a very clear and beautiful day)

 Update:  This was a new discovery on one of my more recent visits

I found this interesting:  To the left of this sign is an ATV riding area.  You can rent ATV's from a nearby rental center and go for a ride on the beach (in the designated area).  A bulldozer goes up and down the designated riding area and keeps the beach sand plowed smooth.

Only one problem with this beach and maybe it was related to the time of year - but there were millions and millions of little harpy-like gnats that fly into your nose, ears and eyes, just to be annoying.  In fact, you may not be able to see it on the sign, but the bear on the California state seal is being held aloft by millions of these tiny, dastardly little insects.  <wink>

In a valiant effort to make a swift retreat from the 'dive-bombing gnats from Hell' we ran to this salt water taffy shop 'begging' for 'sanctuary' from the 'onslaught' <grin>.  The taffy was fine, but I think it must normally be significantly fresher during the busy months where they make it on a constant basis.

We walked from the beach and arrived upon this 'discovery'; "The Rock & Roll Diner".  As you can probably see it is made up of two rail cars, joined in the middle.  Great basic American food with a 'look' like you've probably never seen.


Views inside the diner...

 Rock & Roll Diner Oceano, Ca

With sunset quickly approaching, an old-style biplane taking-off reminds us that it is time for us to be headed home.

Fueled-up the plane and did a run-up, announced our intentions on the CTAF and off we went.  

PilotGuy is thinking how vivid, sunsets are from the sky and wishes that everyone could see sunsets like pilots do (this photo could never do it justice).

I radioed in my flight plan and activated it and I turned to our first heading.  Warmed by the treasure of yet another flying adventure we settled-in and relaxed for a smooth night flight back home...

Good Flights!  :-)


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