Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN)

Auburn, California


 A view of my route to Auburn.....

Calaveras Reservoir

The flight was smooth and the skies were mostly clear on my flight up to Auburn.  I had indirectly flown over Auburn while on a flight to Truckee/Tahoe airport during my high-altitude checkout, but never actually landed there.

Abeam Livermore Airport (LVK)

Below:  Electric windmill generators around Altamont Pass

Folsom Lake

Town of Lodi & Lodi Airport

Rancho Murietta Airport

(I really have to land here sometime and meet some of their Flight Service Station personnel)

Auburn Municipal Airport

The hardest part about flying here was not the navigation to AUN, rather there was considerable difficulty in visually locating exactly where it was.  After some intent searching I spotted it and began my normal approach.


Gazebo at Auburn Airport (built/donated by the local FBO... nice contribution, folks!)

Looking out from the patio at Wings Cafe


Wings Cafe

While the food was good at this little cafe it had the 'feel' (in terms of friendly service) of a typical interstate diner (probably because of its' proximity to Interstate 80).  It should be said, that perhaps I just managed to see a few individuals on an 'off-day' and to give them the benefit-of-the-doubt. 

Pilot Lounge


Inside view of the pilot lounge

Fueled-up, time to head home!

The flight back to Reid-Hillview was straight-forward, but with the sun getting lower in the sky I was afforded some beautiful views of the land below.  Once again, the joy of a pilot is to be in the skies again.  Though the destinations offer some interesting sights, the pleasure of 'walking with the winds' is paramount.


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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