Salinas Municipal Airport (KSNS)

Salinas, California

(Third Flight for FlyKid a.ka.;  FlyKid

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FlyKid (a.k.a., FlyKid) was excited to be back into the skies with MzWings (his mom) and PilotGuy .  If you remember, his last flight with us was to Watsonville (WVI) Airport along with his dad.  He had been asking a lot about getting to go flying again and finally the time had arrived.

A view of hills, northwest of Hollister. We are on our way!

Looking northwest, the Pacific Ocean with the town of Watsonville and Watsonville (WVI) Airport, slightly inland from the coast.  Click on the picture for a larger view

Approaching the town of Salinas.

Go figure; while FlyKid enjoyed his flight, the highlight for him was to help tie-down the plane?

He wanted to make sure that we got a photo of him fulfilling his duties as part of the 'crew'. J



PilotGuy and FlyKid catch a 'Kodak moment' after tying down the plane.

On the ground at Salinas Airport (SNS).  Looking out from the tie-down area down a taxiway.

Looking from the transient tie-down area towards the airport terminal

Wow!  This is the pilot lounge?  Makes ya feel special! J

Nope, FlyKid is not in trouble....  We were leaving the airport terminal looking for a place to eat (the restaurant that used to be at the airport was long gone)


Since this text was written the restaurant airport has since reopened

 I saw this officer, nearby in his car, and asked for directions to the nearest restaurant.  Not only did he provide directions but he also offered us a ride.  A professional public servant to the end, he most kindly indulged my request of taking a picture with FlyKid and himself. 

This picture was taken in front of the door of the local Denny's restaurant.

MzWings (wife of PilotGuy) looking quite happy adding lemon to her iced tea.  Flying does that to ya!  J

By the way, PilotGuy has to say that he is normally not a big fan of Denny's; but THIS Denny's was special.  Had the feel of a fifties diner with GOOD food. 

Heading back to the airport.  We started out late so we didn't have time to go into town.

MzWings takes a photo over the tail of Salinas Airport in the distance.



Heading home over the hills, looking northeast towards San Martin (in the distance).

PilotGuy had mentioned to FlyKid that there was a grass strip airport with a float plane canal right beside it.  FlyKid wanted to see it, so we detoured a little south and over flew Frazier Lake Hollister Airport (1C9).  Then we turned northward and headed home to Reid-Hillview with the sun getting low in the hills.

Good Flights! J

New additional updated (01/21/09) pictures of Salinas (KSNS) Airport Below:

Salinas Airport Terminal Building Salinas Airport Hangar
Salinas Airport Businesses Salinas Terminal Building Lobby
Salinas Airport Terminal Building Lobby Landing Zone Restaurant in Salinas
Inside Landing Zone Restaurant at Salinas Airport Light Sport Airplanes West at Salinas Airport
Light Sport Airplanes West

Light Sport Airplanes West
Light Sport Aircraft at Salinas Airport
Salinas Municipal Airport  


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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