Rich's 2nd Flight with PilotGuy

Reid-Hillview Airport (RHV), San Jose, CA to Hollister Airport (3O7), Hollister, CA

It wasn't going to be a long flight (about 25 to 30 minutes) but Rich had never been to Hollister so off we went......

On the ground at Hollister, Rich gets his camera ready.   

Taking a look around Hollister Airport

PilotGuy pretending he just flew this Mustang to the airport <GRIN>

A classic Cad driven by a pilot to his hangar.

Even though Rich is denying that he has any affiliation with the ownership of the airport cafe there is still something about the building that I can't quite put my finger on that makes me think he's hiding something....   ;-)

Just after finishing an excellent meal at the Ding-A-Ling we were fortunate enough to catch this sight of two P-51 Mustangs flying in formation around the airport.


One of the two Mustangs shown in the previous photo.

Glider making a power-off landing.... oops,,, that is what they always do.....  darned show-offs!  <wink> :-)

Here's a shot of PilotGuy and Rich watching some skydivers get into the jump plane.  This airport is used regularly by skydivers (strange people who jump OUT of a perfectly good plane), gliders and sailplane pilots (people who haven't learned about the internal combustion engine yet) <grin>.

???  Doesn't Rich see it? .... that mysterious person standing on the wing???   Jumpers (with their jump fee paid in advance) step into the jump plane

Though bereft of a good paint job, this old C-172M is a joy to fly.  Time to head back home.....

A view shot blindly over-the-shoulder of runway 31, behind us in the distance.  "Hey Rich,,,, look,,,, there's someone on the wing....."  Rich doesn't see him and told me that I watched that Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner, too often!   :-)


One small step for Rich..........

and one grateful step for  'Richard-kind'  ;-)

Though he was nervous during the flight down to Hollister and the flight back, Rich was less so than his last flight (to Castle Airport).  In spite of the nervousness Rich made it through his flight and no sooner than we landed he asked PilotGuy when we could go for another flight together. 


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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