Checkride gets rescheduled for Monday August 22nd

- Examiner had to cancel due to Sulfuric Acid Spill..

August 19, 2005

Yep,,, you read the subject line, correctly. I was waiting for the D.E. to arrive for my 12 noon checkride and the front desk (at about 10 minutes after 12) told me there was a call from my D.E. for me. So, I pick up the line and the D.E. tells me that she was stuck in horrible traffic due to the closure of part of Highway 101 (both sides) (click here for the news report). I had heard about the accident earlier (apparently a truck carrying sulfuric acid had an accident (?) and was now leaking sulfuric acid all over the roadway). So, the D.E. told me that she was going to be delayed. I told her not to worry that I was there as long as it took.

About 45 minutes later she calls to say that she is still barely moving through the alternate routing around the spill and that she thought it best to cancel and reschedule the checkride since she was not going to be there for another hour, at least. I reassured her that I had no problem waiting but she said she wouldn't make her next appointment (don't know if that was
a checkride or something else) if she did my ride - so she asked if we could reschedule for Monday at the same time?

Not much else to say except that, Monday it was. I'd see her Monday. I let my CFII know (he didn't have any students scheduled for that day but he had come down for my checkride). Before I gave the go-ahead to the D.E. for the Monday reschedule I asked her to hold while I checked with my CFI. He shook his ahead and agreed with me that there wasn't really much we could do except plan for the checkride on Monday.

I was really bummed initially, but then I reminded myself that it was only Monday (a few days away) and it would come soon enough.  So, I'll let you know (hopefully) about the checkride, come Monday.. :0)

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