Products I've found most useful

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 Lowrance Airmap 500 handheld GPS   What I really like about Lowrance (and I used to be a Garmin user) is that they include everything you need with the unit (yoke mount, remote antenna, etc.).  With the Garmin units everything you really need is an additional accessory to purchase.  I own the 600C (got it to celebrate passing my CFI checkride) and I will say that I prefer the display brightness of the 500, the 600C I got mainly for the terrain display feature (mainly for night flying).  My main minor disappointment with the 600c is the low maximum brightness of the display BUT I HIGHLY recommend the Airmap 500 and if you can deal with the shortcomings of the 600c it is 'okay' too.

Lightspeed Headsets   I use the Bose Aviation X headset but before I owned it I used the 20- 3G Series with ANR (Automatic Noise Reduction), but I should say that I flew as a Private pilot for a few years just with the Lightspeed QFR Cross-Country (a passive headset w/o ANR) and was thoroughly pleased with its noise attenuation and comfort (It can be had, new for around $150).

I should say that I find NO difference in the quality of the ANR between the Lightspeed Headset and my current Bose headset; the main thing I like about the Bose (as a full-time flight instructor) is the low clamping pressure of the headset, relatively speaking.  If you fly ALOT the Bose, might be a way to go if you can stomach the $1000 price tag (BTW, I bought mine using their no-interest installment plan - they shipped it to me on the very first payment - a good deal on the 12 month plan as you are getting a 'loan' for 12 months at NO interest-something to think about if you are 'fence-sitting' because of the Bose headset's big price tag).

3-G Series ANR                    QFR Solo Headset

CX-2 Pathfinder Flight Computer (a great electronic e6B flight computer) 


Autolite SpotGlo  

Actually made to clip on the automobile seat belt, but works beautifully during a night flight clipped on your shoulder harness.  A nice soft glow that lights up just the right amount.

Petzl Tikka Headlamp 

Very useful during night preflight.  Keeps your hands free while you move around your plane during your preflight.  Also great for setting up the cockpit in the dark.

The Gats Jar 

Allows you to get your fuel samples and then pour them back into the gas tank through the filter.


Restop 1 Disposable Travel Toilet 

Great product.  Each package includes 4 spill proof bags for 'liquid waste'.  Basically liquid is absorbed and turned into a gel.  Works much better than some of the bottle methods, much less risk of spilling back on you.


to be continued........

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