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December 11, 2000 

Thank you for all your suggestions on taking a 5 year old up for his first flight!

Say, "Hello" to FlyKid the 5 year old FlyKid!

FlyKid takes a look at the other planes with his dad,  while the pilot (a.k.a., 'Me') completes the preflight.

He sat in the back of the 172 on some plane seat cushions next to his mom and his dad 

sat in front in the right seat.   

FlyKid's dad 'captured the moment' with this photo, just shortly after the 1rst take-off.


Though FlyKid was a little wide-eyed on the first take-off-

his expression quickly changed from a mixture of nervousness and excitement to feeling totally at home and excited by the experience.

FlyKid's dad checking on the condition of the pilot's youngest, first-time passenger.

I took a quick peek once we were up and he was smiling, looking out the window - remarking how all the houses looked like little dollhouses.

Unfortunately, because the weather was poor our flight plans consisted of five circuits around the airport pattern - but he seemed fine with it,,,, all he wanted to do was fly!  He got a great kick out of wearing a headset and asked his mom if he could include an aviation headset on his Christmas wish list for Santa.

Everything all of you shared was true of his (the five-year-olds’) first flight was true.  After we had made two take-offs and landings in the pattern we asked him if he wanted to do some more,,, he enthusiastically asked for some more!  Another thing members of the aviation newsgroup had shared was that the engine sound, et al, would have a sedating affect on him - sure enough by the fourth circuit around the pattern he was starting to drift-off with his eyes looking out the window.

After the flight, the little guy came over to me and asked me if he could take some of the pictures to school with him when they were developed.  I'm pretty sure he is talking the ears off of his friends about his weekend adventure.  He also asked me if just he and I could go up for a flight together sometime and I told him that was something his parents would have to decide.  Actually, it is probably more practical and safer to have his mom and dad with him since they would probably eliminate any possibility for serious distractions to the pilot, which might compromise safety.  Maybe someday when he is much older (if his parents give their 'okay') we might be able to do such a thing.

I look forward to being able to take them all to a location other than the airport we took off from :-).  I'm sure FlyKid, will be even more excited when he sees the state he lives in, from the air AND the magic of a plane - the way it can take you to special places that you could never get to in a car, in the same time.
Good Flights!

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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