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November 23, 2005

The AOPA EXPO in Tampa, FL was fun!  Lots of educational flying seminars to attend and a great chance to look at a lot of the newest aviation products - as well as keep touch with the 'pulse' of General Aviation during the morning sessions that began each day of the Expo.

One week I was off at AOPA and then the week I got back my CFII was called off for jury duty....

By the way - I'm not including every session day-for-day as I wouldn't want to bore you, the reader, too greatly <grin>.  So, I'm going to sprinkle my diary entries here-and-there so that in the long-run you will end up with a good 'thumbnail sketch' of the process as I go through it.

Just last, Monday, I taught an in-flight session to my 'student' on performing short field take-offs and landings. Then we left the pattern and I demonstrated, slow-flight (with an explanation of why we do 'slow flight') power-on, power-off stalls, elevator trim stalls, accelerated stalls (with explanation) and then had the student perform all but the elevator trim stalls. John (acting as my student) threw a few 'exciting' errors into the performance but nothing exotic or really odd (after all I likely recognize the mistakes because I'm sure I made many of 'em when I was working on my Private <grin>).

I demonstrated cross-controlled stalls as well, although these were strictly for demonstration; complete with an explanation (as I performed the 'classic' simulated ((at altitude in the practice area))) of what leads up to a cross-controlled condition on base to final and how to avoid it.

Today (Wednesday) consisted of me teaching a ground session on weight and balance and all that entails. I did, 'okay' and wish I had performed better, but I made the mistake (I think that's what it was) of deciding just before the 'lesson' of changing the way I had 'practiced' it at home. As a result I wasn't as smooth as I would have liked (and as I was when I practiced).

Overall it went just fine - John made sure he threw in a few choice questions that he had heard over the years from students; and I responded to most of them fairly well. During the critique of the session, John gave me some really valuable tips on how best to set up the structure of the weight and balance lesson.

Tomorrow is 'Turkey Day'! (although I think the friends we are spending Thanksgiving with are just having ham (I really like Turkey! Perhaps I'll buy one after Turkey day is gone and roast up a gobbler for the day after Thanksgiving, myself)!  

 Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!   :0)

Good Flights!

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