Dual Session In The Arrow III, Today:  Looking GOOD!

August 5, 2005

If the comedian Billy Crystal saw my dual practice session with John in the Arrow III, today, he would do that impression where he says; "You Look Marvelous!"  :0)

In all I did about 7 takeoffs and landings.  We did short-field, soft-field takeoffs and landings (including one short-field ((where one has to identify a point on the runway that they will set the plane down on and have it land within 100 feet of that point)) where I landed well within the limits from my designated landing spot I had picked out).

The soft-field takeoffs looked good and I felt confident about executing them in the Arrow III. 

John (my CFII) got clearance to do a short approach and had me pull my power to idle at a designated key point on the runway while still on downwind and I had to demonstrate a 180 degree power-off turn to land AND land within 200 feet of the designated key point on the runway.  This exercise serves to demonstrate how good (or bad) you are at managing a planes energy without any help from the prop.  The first of the day was still within specs but a little rough,,, the second one I did later in the lesson went just fine.  In fact, John encouraged me to do some practice in the power-off 180's during my solo practice the following week in the Arrow (Tuesday the 9th).

Last week, I was feeling good about my Commercial maneuvers in the Cessna 172 but was a bit uncertain about my performance in the Arrow (even wondering if we'd have to change the checkride date or not) but my last solo practice and today's practice in the Arrow with John showed me that I should be just fine when it comes to checkride time!   Of course, the 'proof will be in the pudding' as the date of the checkride narrows to just days away (currently scheduled for 8/18/05 - and weather permitting I think the date should hold).

In my best James Brown voice (as if I can do his voice <grin>)  "I FEEL GOOD!!!!"

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Good Flights!

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