My First Instrument Lesson!

May 1, 2003

Geez, this was a great day! Not because I did anything exceptionally well
for my first instrument lesson, but because it felt so good to be adding a
new skill in my pilot 'tool box'!

During my lesson I remarked to my CFI that I could see how the instrument
ticket will make you a better, more precise pilot.

I did (under the hood), climbing turns at a precise heading to a specific
altitude at a specific climb rate and airspeed - descending turns with
similar parameters - climbs to a specific altitude, at a specific airspeed
and climb rate, as well as descents with the same requirements Keep in mind
that I'm new to the instrument training so if you see me use the phrase "I
did", it really means "I attempted to perform...." <GRIN>.

It's only 5 P.M. right now (my lesson concluded about two-and-one-half
hours ago) but I feel tired, as if I just ran a marathon. Didn't notice it
during the lesson or immediately after,,,, but now,,, wow,, it really is a
work-out! I can only imagine what that 250 NM cross-country, completely
IFR, is going to feel afterwards!

Going for this instrument ticket is just an excellent thing,,, all around!!!
My next lesson is a week from today,,,, damn, it feels great!

Good Flights!

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