James goes for his FIRST flight in a small plane!


This is one of those pics PilotGuy took trying to make it look candid,,, unfortunately I captured myself in one of those brilliant 'open mouth' shots <GRIN>.  James on the other hand looks like a cool pilot!

This was James, first flight EVER in a small plane though he had much experience flying as a passenger in large military aircraft.  He made a 'first-time' in a small plane look easy!


Well we landed at Hollister but ended up taking off again after discovering that the Ding-A-Ling Diner was closed on Tuesday (PilotGuy knew that there was ONE day that it was closed, but thought it would be on Monday).  So, I departed Hollister but climbed to 5500 feet and we briefly flew back for an aerial shot of the Hollister Airport.  Here you can see the intersection of runways 24 and 31.

Though I offered to take James back via a different route his time commitments didn't allow for it, so we headed back to Reid-Hillview.  James is looking pensive here,,,, has PilotGuy thinking that maybe some of that 'get-into-aviation' chat is making him think about it....  Ya never know!  PilotGuy is always hoping to make more converts for this 'religion of the sky' that we pilots call 'aviation'!

Good Flights!


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

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