Passed the Oral Exam,,, But....

July 12, 2006

Just wanted to let you know that I had the flight instructor checkride on Wednesday. Sort of a very good news and some bad news situation.

The bad news was that the plane I was going to use went into maintenance for a problem with the stabilator on the day of the checkride. The very good news is that I passed the oral exam (which is what 4 out of 5 flight instructor candidates usually fail on the first time - national failure rate is over 90% on the CFI Oral ). The oral exam was a little over six hours long (with no break for lunch). I've obviously already been through checkrides for my Private, Instrument, and Commercial pilot certificate and none of them could compare to how long and how comprehensive the oral exam was for the Flight Instructor certificate. My brain was numb <grin> by the sixth hour - but I endured and passed one of the hardest oral exams in aviation and I'm 'bragging' a bit, because I'm so pleased that I made it through! :)

Either way, I'll sure be glad to get the last hurdle out of the way and very pleased that the major hurdle of the CFI Oral Exam has been completed and passed!

I'll let you all know how it goes (it really should be fine,, the oral exam was my greatest concern and that is done, now)!

While I'm a bit bummed about not being able to do the practical part of the test I am very proud to have made it through such an intensive (a little over six hours) oral exam. Overall, I'm very pleased and relieved to have made it through my CFI-A oral exam. In all fairness it is likely a blessing; now I can fly, fresh, instead of after a very long oral exam (BTW, no break for lunch, though there were a few 5 minute breaks,, long enough to scarf down a cookie and some CornNuts from the vending machine).

I'll write more later but I need to grab something more substantial than Barbeque Conrnnuts to eat! <GRIN>

Thank you all for your well-wishes on the ride. As I said, on the whole, I am *very* pleased. I need a shirt that says "I Survived My CFI Oral Exam".  Now all I have to get out of the way is the Practical part of the exam; and I know how to fly and teach these maneuvers.

Overall,,, a *very* good day was had! :0)

UPDATE: The flight portion of the test (and the Arrow III will be ready and repaired well before the date) will occur on July 25th. I don't have the time of day yet, the examiner will get back to us (my instructor and I) with the precise time.


Good Flights !!!


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