FlyKid Comes Along for Commercial Maneuvers

August 24, 2005

FlyKid (a.k.a. FlyKid) had been asking me if he could see some of the Commercial Maneuvers I'd been practicing.

I booked a plane (but it was only available for one hour) and off we went!  I handed FlyKid a digital camera and he took all the pictures he wanted!


View of Reid-Hillview Airport (San Jose, CA) with the Raging Waters Waterpark to the right.

FlyKid looking cool in the skies! (Special Note:  couldn't find his regular sunglasses so he 'made-do' with the larger lenses I had in my pack).

Heading south towards the practice area about 8 minutes away!

FlyKid captures our progress with the digital camera.

No pictures in-between here and the practice area 'cause FlyKid was taking his hand at the yoke flying a constant heading while PilotGuy showed him how to hold the controls to maintain our desired ground track despite the mild quartering tailwinds.  FlyKid did a phenomenal job holding our track to the practice area.

FlyKid captures a picture of PilotGuy completing a clearing turn

Once PilotGuy performed the clearing turns he began the first Chandelle to the right followed by a Chandelle to the left.  This took us to our practice altitude of 5,000 feet.  I checked with FlyKid and he was doing just fine and I asked him if he'd like to see some steep turns?  "Yes!" exclaimed FlyKid.   So I performed a 50 degree banked turn to my side first and once I came around to our reference point (after making a 360 degree turn) I immediately banked to FlyKid's side.  Checked with him to make sure he was doing okay and he was having fun! :0)

Since we only had the plane for an hour and we had spent some of that time in the preflight and run-up check before we took off; it was getting to be time to head back.   Since FlyKid had asked if he could see some stalls during our ride to the airport, earlier - I asked him if he'd like to see a power-on stall.  Without hesitation he answered in the affirmative! 

So, I performed a power-off stall,,,, FlyKid was still grinning,,, so I asked if he would like to see a power-on stall and he gave another strong affirmative...   So off we went!

Time to head back so PilotGuy began descending for our return.  Reported over UTC to the tower, before we knew it the tower had cleared us for landing and we landed, headed off to the taxiway and made our way back.

Taxiing down the taxiway with the Reid-Hillview Airport Terminal building in the background.

Heading down the final row which would take us back to Nice Air's tie-down area for the plane.  FlyKid captures this final shot.

Another great day in the skies had by PilotGuy and FlyKid, with the promise of yet another flight together (in a Cessna 152) come Saturday afternoon,,,, just days away! :0)

A Note From FlyKid (10 years old)

"Today, I got up to a perfect flying day!  We drove to NiceAir in San Jose.  When we were up in the air we did Chandelles,  (steep) spirals to a point, Lazy Eights and the rest of the Commercial maneuvers.  I started to get a little sick because of the spirals, but they were fun!!!"

- FlyKid (a.k.a., FlyKid) -

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Good Flights!

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