Hey!  I'm Actually Starting to Feel Ready!


June 13, 2006

I have been doing lots of flying the past several weeks (just on my own, since I can just as easily practice under my own watch).  You know, I was thinking just a couple of weeks ago how John (my CFI) seems to have this 'sense' for when I am starting to get ready before I even know it.

My flight session a couple of weeks ago was a good example of the latter.  I began that week's practice session (after being told that I was just about ready which I was greeting with a fair amount of skepticism) fairly well prepared to prove to myself that the maneuvers in the C172 (since I had been doing so much practice in the Arrow in the previous weeks) would look shabby and further 'prove' that my CFI was a little premature in his assessment of my readiness.  Yet, ya know,,, I took off and began performing the maneuvers explaining them to my imaginary student in the left seat and they looked good (the maneuvers,,, NOT the imaginary friend ((hadn't been in the air THAT long <GRIN>))).

Last week I flew the maneuvers in the Cessna 172, basically covering some of the Commercial Pilot maneuvers as well as revisiting the old Private Pilot maneuvers.  Naturally there are a few things that I saw that needed polish, but there was nothing blaringly wrong.  John had even told me that my flying of the maneuvers didn't even have to be with the same degree of polish, necessarily, as for the Commercial Pilot certificate; that what was more important to the examiner than a flawless demonstration was a thorough explanation of the maneuver (basically the examiner will ask me to 'teach' him a maneuver as if he was a flight student of different levels and skills).

This week I'll be flying in the Cessna 172N with John (Wednesday) 'teaching' him from taxi to takeoff roll, climb-out, straight-and-level, stalls, lazy 8's, chandelles, 8's on pylons, steep turns (both commercial and private pilot standards), steep spirals, turns around a point, s-turns across the road.... and more, if we have time.  A couple of days later, I'll fly myself in the Cessna 172N again, polishing what needs to be polished.

It is so funny how flying from the right seat, the first few hours, felt so odd and now (just like John promised) I can fly from the right or the left without 'blinking an eye'.  Both feel 'natural' now.

Well, more flying starting tomorrow.  I'm going to 'woodshed' on all my books regarding the Pilot Test Standards for each of the maneuvers.  I bought another checkride study guide as well (as if I don't have enough to look at,,, but I don't want to leave any stone unturned as far as being as ready as I can for this big 'checkride of checkrides'.  After all, I'd really like to pass on the first try, despite the ominous 90% national failure rate for initial CFI checkrides.  I'm selling myself on the idea that I'm one of the 10% that will pass the first time and that the real reason that failure rate statistic is so high likely has more to do with people going in to the checkride underestimating the depth and breadth of the knowledge areas required.

On my CFI written exam and Fundamentals of Instruction exam that I took a little after I started my CFI training near the end of last year I got a 94% and 98% score, respectively (which are definitely not 'shabby' scores, at all).

When the time comes, I'll be ready as I can be.  The really cool thing is that I'm here getting ready to take my flight instructor checkride in the first place - I remember writing about my first solo, now six years ago.  Wow! :)


Good Flights !!!


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