Training for My Flight Instructor Certificate!   YES!!!

September 23, 2005

Well I passed my Commercial Checkride two days ago and I have already 'hit the ground running' and have scheduled my first lesson as a student flight instructor.  I can hardly believe I'm finally 'here'! <grin>

My first day as a flight instructor candidate/student (not sure what the proper manner is in referring to myself) will be October 5th. We'll start by discussing the outline of the training and what will be involved and then we'll begin with my first ground session.   In the ground session John wants me to be prepared to give an explanation of all the systems of the Arrow II;  presenting it in a manner that one would use with a student who had no familiarity with the aircraft. I have to admit I was surprised by this as a first session, but maybe he is doing it to 'get a feel' for 'what he has to work with' in terms of any rudimentary skills I may have in teaching - kind of like a starting 'reference mark', so-to-speak...

I won't do any serious studying review until towards the end of next week (i.e., since I had planned to give my brain a week off). Of course, let's see how long THAT will last... Gotta admit I'm already 'chomping at the bit' to immerse myself in the material... I 'think' I could restrain myself 'till next Wednesday (that would at least be a week since my Checkride <g>).  We'll see, of course! :0)

I am such a 'cornball' <grin>,,, I already feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Day to come - as I can hardly wait to start! ;0)

Good Flights !!!

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Thinking about 'teaching' systems on my first student-CFI lesson next week...

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First day IN THE AIR lesson - 'student' (played by John the CFI).  Yesterday I 'is 'toopid' :0)

Took my CFI written exam, today!

Getting better every day! :0)

More CFI lesson adventures.... <grin>

Working on my 'performance' teaching aircraft performance

Taught a session on airspace last week and did some time in the Frasca 141 Sim today..

Teaching weather theory..... <argh> :)..

Teaching Weather Charts last week and in-flight 'lesson' today

Did the last ground session subject last, Friday...

Where did this weather come from?  It's not ours,,, give it back to Seattle :0) (also flying the San Francisco Bay Tour ((with pics - be aware if you have dial-up)) I kept the file sizes large)))

Weather kinda okay,,, up into the skies in the Arrow III, today..

Passed a personal flying 'milestone' today,,, 1,001 takeoffs and landings, total !

Weather was beauteous!  Got some maneuver demonstration practice from the right seat!

Setting a Checkride Date Seems to Be Just Around The Corner... I'm 'ascared' <grin>

Okay,,, there was a 'caveat'... <grin>

Can too many books 'break your brain'? <grin>....

No shortage of stuff to do... been busy flying the past few weeks...

Tomorrow's the 'ride'!

I PASSED the CFI Oral Exam - It was over 6 hours long!

CFI Checkride (the 'sequel')... the Flight Test .... :)

The time is set....

The Pilot's Journey Comes Full-Circle:  The Student Becomes, The Teacher....