Thinking about 'teaching' systems on my first student-CFI lesson next week...

September 26, 2005

Okay,,, I know I said I was going to wait at least a few more days before thinking about my first lesson next week as a student - CFI.... but I'm still being 'good' and not going to start study and preparation 'till Wednesday, this week.  But all I'm doing is thinking out loud and not preparing anything yet... :0)

Keep in mind that I'm not asking for specific details here as I realize that is part of the exercise and is for me to figure out but I guess I did want some feedback in a general sense.

For my first student - CFI ground session (YAAY! I am SO jazzed that I'm finally 'here') my CFI has asked me to come prepared to explain the systems of the Arrow II to a student (presumably a Commercial student) who knows nothing about the plane.

I'm thinking that I should first start with the 'general and then move to the specific' (seems the most logical thing to do). I'm even thinking of starting by presenting some general images/diagrams of the plane itself; reviewing the differences in conformation of the airframe and control surfaces themselves (contrasted to the C-172 or C 152 high-winger that the
candidate may be used to) - touch on the landing gear, fuel system , constant speed prop (at least, initially) in a very cursory manner. THEN, it would seem logical to explore each of the items in greater detail (I'll be sure to have diagrams of a cross-section of a constant speed prop ((McCauley has a good one, that I find clear)).

Of course,,,, how 'deep' should I delve into each? While it is necessary to (presumably) teach this student to the point where he/she has a understanding on a Commercial pilot level - would a deeper explanation than the latter be useful/warranted or simply (more likely) too much and overwhelming. Maybe I answered my own question? Teach to the level of student that you are talking with - for instance; a private pilot doesn't need (though it wouldn't be such a bad thing) some of the levels of
understanding of systems that a commercial certificate candidate should have,

I guess I want to go into this first 'lesson' I'll be 'teaching' well-prepared and thorough but not to a degree where I am teaching information that is outside the intended scope of understanding of a specific level of flight student. How do I learn to strike the balance, I guess is what I'm asking here?



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