Pitchin' and Bankin' and Grinnin'!!!


September 15, 2004

Thank goodness there are no traffic cops in the sky - if there were, one of 'em would surely want to pull me over, wondering about the big grin that was plastered on my face......!!!

Geez it was fun! Walked through some Chandelles and Lazy-Eights (geez, Lazy Eights are REALLY cool - felt like my little personal joyride in the sky - and that's coming from someone who doesn't have the slightest interest in aerobatics!).

We continued, alternating between practicing the Lazy Eights and then some Chandelles, then setting up for some more Lazy Eights ,,,,, and so on. At one point, I did start feeling just a very small bit queasy and told my instructor that although nothing was imminent, that he should be aware of my status. So, we opted for a return back to the airport as it was almost time for the plane to be checked back out by the next renter.

When on the ground, I told my CFI that I wasn't concerned about the VERY slight queasiness as aerobatic pilots had told me that one builds up a resistance to motion sickness by gradually increasing exposure. He also suggested that I always make sure that I eat a starchy lunch (a sandwich) and avoid carbonated beverages just before flying.

Just a good time was had, today! I have a lot to learn, but like all the challenges flying has presented me, I know that it will be just a matter of time and that with hard work, soon enough, what appears hard will soon seem so much simpler.

Just had the greatest time!!!!

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