A Saturday Afternoon of Commercial Maneuvers with FlyKid, aboard! :0)


September 10, 2005

Had a great time doing the Commercial maneuvers with FlyKid on board!  Went through all of them; Chandelles, steep turns, Lazy 8's, steep spirals to a point and turns-on-pylons.

FlyKid did just great through all the maneuvers. I had asked him to let me know if he started to begin getting even a tiny bit 'heady'/motion sick and I constantly checked throughout each maneuver to see how he was doing. He did start to get a very little 'green' (but nothing even close to 'sick') after we did some steep turns (50 degree banks) followed by Lazy-8's and just when we were finishing up some steep spiral descents to a point.

As I said, I was checking with him throughout all the maneuvers and at the first sign he was just beginning to get a little 'heady' I concluded the latter maneuvers (which he otherwise seemed to enjoy) and trimmed the plane - got him to take the yoke (not hard to do <grin>) and talked him through setting us up on a smooth descent to the lower altitude (about 1100 feet MSL) that I would need to be at to do the turns on pylons (very docile with nothing that could make anyone motion sick). My reasons for having him 'fly' the plane were two-fold; one, 'cause he gets a big kick out of it and I enjoy seeing that and two, even though his motion centers were very slightly 'provoked' one of the best things you can do as a pilot is to get the passenger to focus on his/her relationship to the horizon and what better way to do that than have them pay attention to flying the plane. Worked like a charm, in a couple of minutes any 'heady' feeling he had totally passed. I do want to stress that he was VERY early in the motion sickness phase and there was no 'danger' (so-to-speak) of him losing his lunch and feeling badly,,, I'd never ever let it get even close to that - rest, assured, that we were not even in that ballpark <g>.

A Note From FlyKid (10 years old)

"Today, I got up to a perfect flying day!  We drove to NiceAir in San Jose.  When we were up in the air we did Chandelles,  (steep) spirals to a point, Lazy Eights and the rest of the Commercial maneuvers.  I started to get a little sick because of the spirals, but they were fun!!!"

- FlyKid (a.k.a., FlyKid) -

So, I performed a couple of sets of turns on pylons and explained the maneuver to him, as I had done with the other maneuvers (which is what I have to do on the Commercial Checkride) and had him 'take the yoke' apply power and climb us back to 2500 feet and return us to RHV. There is a big white circular 'scar' on one of the hill just before a reporting point for approach into RHV and I told FlyKid to pass over 'control' of the plane to me when we reached it - at which point I took the yoke, reported abeam UTC and began our descent into Reid Hillview.

Before long we touched down, taxied off to the tie-down area, checked the plane back in and headed off to get some late lunch!  It was an opportunity to practice the maneuvers and a great chance to have FlyKid in the skies with me again! :0)

Good Flights!

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