Took My Commercial Written Exam, Today!

January 25, 2005


I'd been continually studying hard for my Commercial Written and finally got to the point that I couldn't stand to practice for it any more and I told my CFII that I would like to take the test; as I had scored in the mid-80's on the practice exams and was just plain sick of reviewing for the written exam, any more.  He told me that was the PERFECT time to take the exam - just at the point where one was scoring well AND when one was starting to get tired of the reviewing.

Well, I took it and got a very respectable 90, which is obviously more than just a passing grade.  In case you're wondering I used the method that had worked for me for my Instrument Written:  King Schools DVD's, a number of different books, Gleim TestPrep software (an invaluable aid to measure where you are at in your test knowledge and gives you feedback and study sessions that you can tailor to those areas that you may be weak on).

Quite pleased!

Good Flights!

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