Does This Commercial Checkride Have a 'Curse' On It?  ;0)


September 7, 2005

Came in today, to practice some maneuvers (solo) in the C-172 and first took a peek at the 'replacement' Arrow at the same time. It was then I learned that it was an Arrow II not a III. So, I ran over to the nearby airport shop and bought the information manual on the Piper Arrow II for later study, today. Spoke with the Chief CFI who had done the checkout flight on the leased plane and asked him if the Arrow II was significantly different than the Arrow III; he said there were differences - the most obvious is that it is calibrated in MPH and not KPH along with some physical differences in terms of design and performance.

I have (maybe) a session with my CFI in the Arrow II tomorrow. Whether it is available or not, tomorrow, will be dependant if the insurance stuff is all squared away before it can be made available. So, I cancelled my solo maneuvers practice session in the C172 and am going to wait to see how the flight in the Arrow II goes. If it goes well,,, no problem.. If it doesn't,,, it seems likely I will need to reschedule my checkride, yet again.

Admittedly, I am a bit concerned (and annoyed) about having to change planes this late in the game.

Oh well.

End of rant.... ;0)

Good Flights!

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