Setting a Checkride Date Seems to Be Just Around The Corner... I'm 'ascared' ;0)



I was practicing in the Piper Arrow III yesterday .  During our post flight debriefing, John said that he thought we just needed about four more flights and two ground sessions.  I thought he meant four more flights in the Arrow III before we revisit some of the flight maneuvers I'll be demonstrating in the Cessna, but when he realized that was what I was thinking he said "No, I mean four more flights total (in both planes) and two ground sessions and we'll have you ready for your CFI checkride.
I'm 'ascared' (to borrow from something that my stepson used to say when he was a very little guy <G>),,,, I'm sitting here thinking that it (the CFI checkride) should be further away <g>.  It's odd, because I keep thinking I should feel like 'Mr Smooth & Confident CFI Candidate" rather than my current thoughts which amount to <g> "Gee, I hope I 'luck out' <wink> and maybe pass on the first try.. :)
I *do* know so many things but I still don't feel like the "Master Yoda of Aviation" :)  Of course, that's when CFI's tell me that while you will go in knowledgeable to your checkride and technically proficient (jeez I hope so <g>) you don't really 'figure out' what you are doing in terms of working out a style for your first couple of students.  I've also been told by these CFI's and lots of you on that most of my most vital learning will be 'on-the-job' as it were.
So, I suppose by the next session or so my CFI will be running checkride dates by me to see which date works best for all.
Part of me is thrilled and excited,,, the other part (as I've said) is 'ascared' <G>  After all, *this* is the CFI checkride,,  "Lions, and tigers and bears,,, oh my!" (for those of you that might remember Dorothy's line from the classic old film of the Wizard of Oz <g>).

As part of my supplemental study (in addition to my regular study of the same <g> - I swear I'm going in prepared,, if I fail the first try, by gosh, I'm going to fail with style <G> ;)  ), I'm going to be putting together the rudiments of my other upcoming website (hopefully upcoming after only one checkride and not seven <G> <laughing out loud>) which (I registered the domain some time ago, but just recently got the server space) will be separate from my just for fun flying website (which of course will continue, even after getting my CFI).  It's my plan for it to be a generally informative website for both the novice, student pilot and on up through the ratings/certificates.  Obviously the information won't be 'official' but presented as a helpful aid to supplement study through other venues.  More on this later... right now there is just a two page shell for the website (the name of which I'll pass on as soon as I have at least the rudimentary structure ((and then some)) up on the server).

I'll let y'all know as soon as a date is picked!  Once again, sorry for the lack of posts on progress, but in all fairness most of it has been a lot of study (in addition to the flying, of course) and I didn't think that an account like the following would hold much interest <g><w>:  "I'm looking at a stack of about 15 books, supplemental training stuff on my laptop, sitting at a table at a local airport's terminal area.  I'm fighting with the notion of dragging my poor aching brain through the FAR's just to be sure,, but then again I pause and think that a Hostess Cupcake would be much for fun and maybe I should do that instead....   "  LOL  Well you get the idea....  The study has been hard,,, I really *do* have about 15 different books with me and my laptop with me during my study sessions.   I just immerse myself into the study free of distractions and inspired by the occasional sounds of a plane landing or taking off from the local runway.

It's hard to put this into words that 'make sense' but while the study is 'hard' and I'm really going to try to keep being as thorough in the course of my study as necessary (and then some <g>) - it is,, the *good* kind of 'hard'.  Though I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that there were nights when I'd look at all my books and training materials laying out before me and I'll say (with a smile) "My gosh, what was I thinking?"  <G>..  The only analogy that comes to mind is that it is like a really good hike or walk or workout - where there was certainly some difficulty in getting it all going and performed, but after one finishes it feels *so* satisfying.  I suspect a lot of student pilots out there might be thinking the very same thing...

You know,, moments like now and others, I just feel this 'joy' suddenly wash over me and I'm thinking; "How cool is this??  I take planes way up into the sky AND *I* FLY THEM!!  Just as I spent most of my life thinking of. 

When non pilots (who have a curiosity about flight) ask me what becoming a pilot and learning to fly is like, I always tell them this (and this is especially for you student pilots out there that might be struggling through some challenges, right now):  "Imagine your most wonderful imaginings about how wonderful flying in the skies as the pilot, could be and then realize that the actual experience is ten-thousand times more wonderful than that!!!" .  Then I tell them, that has been what learning to fly and flying as a pilot has been for me.  I feel challenged, thrilled, in deep awe and profoundly humbled by the magnificence and the supreme *gift* of this experience that has further enriched my life in some ways that I can factually explain,,, but many others that are so grand as to be incalculable in terms of their worth.

It's 5 in the morning and I should see if I can fall back to sleep again,,, but right now, with thoughts of flying - my heart is soaring.  Maybe I can settle down and just dream of more flying ... ;)

Thanks for *listening*! :)


Good Flights !!!


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