Took My C.F.I. Written Exam, Today!

October 19, 2005

I had actually begun studying for the CFI Written during my Commercial training (after I had already completed the Commercial Written and went ahead and took the Fundamentals of Instruction exam). I started studying so 'early' because I was just in a studying kind of mood and wanted to 'go with the feeling', as it were.

Today, I decided that I'd done enough practice tests and that I would just go ahead and take the test.

I was expecting (based on my Gleim test prep software sessions) that I would score in the mid 80's or maybe the high 80's at the very best.

Well I finished the exam and waited for my result.... I really wasn't worried about failing the test, but now I was more wondering what score I had managed to get (mainly because we all can think of items that we were unsure of and we tend to magnify how many questions those were <g>).

Test results printed out and I accidentally let out an inadvertent little shout when I saw my score on the CFI Written:

94 % !

Yeah, I know 100% would have been even better but I was just thrilled with that score. I called my wife at work and she was pretty happy. I gave my CFI a call and at first pretended that I had really bombed and then let him know my score! <g>

I have to run off to the kitchen, my wife brought home a big sheet cake (large enough so that I can bring pieces to other family and friends in the morning and have some for us) to celebrate!

That's about it! Yaay! I'm finally finished with taking FAA written exams! <GRIN>

Good Flights!

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