Sure Is Quiet Without That 'gabby' Instructor In The Piper Arrow! <grin>

August 4, 2005

Okay,,, I'll admit the truth it was my instructor's idea too!

John and I had a dual session in the Piper Arrow III, yesterday.  An 'okay' session (John told me I was being needlessly hard on myself as the session was okay,, overall... needs work though).  Anyway, John had mentioned that we should do another dual session this week (since the checkride (tentatively set for August 18th ((of course, we would reschedule it if it starts to look like we need to polish more things)) is coming up).  He was available before a class he was teaching from 12 noon - 2PM on Friday; so we booked the time.  Basically, at this point John is trying to see where I'm at in terms of readiness for the checkride.  If it looks off, then we will simply reschedule for a couple of weeks later.  The important part is to be as ready as you can be and at your best.

Later, Wednesday afternoon when I got home, I noticed that there was an opening for the Piper Arrow on Thursday (today).  So I booked it and called John to see if he would like to do the dual session then.  When I spoke to him he said he couldn't do it on Thursday, but that I should keep the reservation for the Arrow and go practice myself.

Up 'till then I hadn't flown the Arrow III 'solo'.   When John said what he did about flying the Arrow, solo, I (for the first time) found myself thinking... "Why not???".  Admittedly up 'till then I had a certain amount of reticence about taking the Arrow up - solo.

Since this week I had already had a flying session in the Cessna (practicing the maneuvers) and a dual session in the Arrow with John on Wednesday; in order to spread out my flying pennies I cancelled my solo reservation in the Cessna 172 for today and flew the Arrow, instead.  Because I was going to be flying an additional dual session in the Arrow with John on Friday, for flying budget reasons I had to limit myself to under an hour in the Arrow, today (the Arrow is a bit more pricey per hour than the C-172's).

I stayed in the pattern and practiced some of the 'specialty' landings and takeoffs I would have to perform in the Arrow for the checkride.  I did a regular takeoff, followed by two short-field takeoffs followed by three short-field landings, which gave me over a half hour of flight time at which time I taxied back to Nice Air where I tied down the plane.

Had a great time!   Great feeling having that 'noisy' flight instructor out of 'my' plane <grin>.  I was surprised by what a 'non-event' flying the Arrow, solo, was.  Made sense though; after all I had been flying the plane before and John after a certain point was little more than a 'passenger'.  Part of the reason he was urging me to get some solo time in the plane - build confidence and start me thinking as P.I.C. (Pilot-In-Command) when I flew the Arrow III.

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Good Flights!

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