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May 19, 2006

Had a great session flying the Arrow III with John, last Wednesday.  I remarked to John how the once 'fast' Arrow III seemed to be 'going slower'.  John, just said that was because I was very comfortable with the plane and was working ahead of it instead of just keeping pace with it.

There is stuff that needs work, but it was my relative ease in the plane that impressed me more.  You have to remember that while I have hundreds of hours in the Cessnas, I only have a little under 30 hours total in the Piper Arrow's.

The power-off 180 degree precision landings (landing within 200 feet of a chosen point on the runway - power is reduced to idle on downwind were *fair*, but need some work.  I was proud of this one that I did that had me landing within 10 feet of the runway stripe I had selected for my touchdown point, when power was reduced on downwind.

After we had the plane tied down and were debriefing on the day's lesson John said it was very clear I was comfortable with the Arrow III and that the following week I should use for practicing in the Arrow 'without the distraction of him in the plane' (as he put it).   I also mentioned that I would try to schedule some time in the C-172 to practice the maneuvers (the last session I had flown out to practice, I practiced the maneuvers to my side (right seat ((CFI seat))) and I really need to do them from the right seat but demonstrate them as if I was flying in the left (this is so the student will be able to see what the various maneuvers I will be teaching him/her will look like).  He said that we should have another session in the Arrow III after I had a session or so by myself to hone up the specialty landings required for the complex portion of the checkride and a dual session in the Cessna 172 to see how my maneuvers looked.

He said that if everything was looking fine, we'd schedule the checkride and get in the ground session time to practice for the (said to be the hardest part of the CFI checkride) the Oral Exam (this can last from 2 to 4 hours).

Well, so I am still 'on track', although I likely have a small handful of 'solo' practice sessions to get in (in addition to the couple more with John in the plane just to make sure everything is looking a-okay).  The week before the checkride itself,, I will be flying a LOT (gotta crank up my 'flying pennies' then) in preparation - so I better get ready and stock up now on Mac & Cheese and Tuna Fish <G>  LOL!

Sure will be glad when I've passed (hopefully on the first try <g>) and all this is behind me and a new adventure (as a flight instructor) lies before me.

Too cool!!! ;)


Good Flights !!!


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