Back In The Saddle Again!!!!!!

Just had my 'back to school' lesson yesterday and today with another lesson following on Friday.  I figured my first week back to instrument training (i.e., since my surgical 'adventure' which delayed me) should involve a few days in a row.
Yesterday, was just a day for me to get reacquainted and I essentially just shot a variety of different landings.  It is SO GOOD to be back in the skies.  At the end of yesterday's 'lesson', I told John (my CFII) that I just missed this (flying) so much,, caught myself starting to get a little 'misty' just thinking about how much I missed and loved flying (I was most grateful for my sunglasses<grin>).  My instructor must have had a grin or two, 'cause landing after landing, I was practically singing my way to the runway on final, each time.  Must have looked positively 'giddy' to passersby as I was walking back to my van after my lesson. 
Today, I did a landing at a local Class C airport, just to make sure I still remembered how to transition, properly as well as deal with Norcal Approach on our way out of the Class C to the practice area.  In the practice area I did (all in foggles - under the 'hood') basic instrument airwork; climbing and descending turns on a heading, slow flight, power-on/power-off stalls etc.).  After the airwork my instructor had me fly back from the practice area back home to my airport, visually.  He must have known I was just drinking in the view, that I had missed the past couple of months, and wanted to give me a chance to see out the windscreen.
Gotta admit, I was REALLY surprised by my instrument scan, I was certain that (after almost two months 'off' with my surgical adventures) my scan was going to be 'off'.  In fact, my instructor had mentioned that if I was going to see rust anywhere,,, that would be where it would be... Strangely enough, my scan was just fine...  In fact, it was like I had never missed a day of practice.  I hadn't done anything special during my 'recovery', so I was at loss to explain how the scan could still be there  Great day!!!
I've got to send my dad a letter and let him know how my 'first day back' so-to-speak was.......   I am just so thrilled and happy beyond belief - it's so good to be back in the sky again!!!  Yippee!!!!!!!
I have a sim session on Friday, where I will get back to shooting instrument approaches again.  I can hardly wait!!!
Thanks for lending an ear!

Good Flights!

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