The Date of The Instrument Checkride Nears (August 24th)



Started happening a few weeks ago - Just everything coming together, becoming crystal clear with me scratching my head wondering what all the
confusion was about, before.  I can't explain it, but it has all come together,, whatever needed to 'gel' in my noggin, did so.

My CFII had asked me, in advance of last week's lesson, if I would mind having a passenger in the back seat (who was another Instrument student with
a checkride just a few days earlier than mine), I told him, no problem and to bring him along on our next lesson.

Gotta admit that part of me was thinking, 'geez I hope I don't have one of those days with a passenger/student watching me have a bad day<grin>.  The student, about my age, maybe a little older just sat back and I hardly knew he was there expect for an occasional question to
my CFII about something he was wondering about.

Was last Thursday, perfect?  No.  One our two mistakes that I can easily address.  Approaches (for the most part) went beautifully and the
communications,,,,, geez, did a 'wizard' touch my head with a wand while I slept,,, 'cause I was right on top of my com,, for that matter, my
navigation, approaches , holds, maneuvers (though I brain-faded just a bit, on the steep turn and somehow 'remembered' that I was to turn out on 180
degrees when the turnout was supposed to be at 190,,, but, oh well..).

Am I a little nervous about the upcoming checkride?  Yes, of course.  But I'm starting to 'scare myself' <grin>, 'cause I'm starting to feel pretty
confident about passing my ride on the first try...  Goodness, you wouldn't have caught me thinking that just a few weeks back.

Gotta say,,, you CFI/CFII's are 'magic',,, how you guys and gals figure out someone is just about 'ready' even before that person knows they are,
qualifies as 'magic' in my book!  John (my CFII) kept telling me that I would be ready, like he KNEW it, long before I thought it possible.

Just had to share...  Great sessions!  I seem to be doing quite well!!!!!

Good Flights!

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