Yippee!  The Arrow III was 'up' today for my lesson!


December 16, 2004

Yippee! The Arrow III was actually up today and not in maintenance!!!

Basically I did soft/short field takeoffs and soft/short field landings while staying in the pattern. One thing about this plane is that the supposed 200 HP really seems to get you up into TPA, quickly (i.e. quite a bit faster than the 160HP 172's I'm am used to flying).

I told my instructor while we were on downwind that this plane was making it clear to me how newly minted pilots who have the bucks and go for a complex plane for their first plane (besides the fact their flying was in 'fixed' aircraft), can get in trouble in dealing with the complex and faster plane. It is very easy to get caught up in the cockpit, checking that manifold pressure and prop rpm are set properly, extending the gear, flaps, etc... It is easy to get focused on the inside of the plane if one is not careful.

I'm kind of hoping that we have another session in the pattern next Wednesday as I feel I learned a lot in a short amount of time about the plane.

Lots of work, but had fun doing it! Sure will be glad when it all comes as 'easily' as the cockpit of a Cessna (my usual home away from home <grin>).

I still have this irresistible urge to have "EXTEND THE LANDING GEAR" tattooed on the back of my left hand <wink> <g>, when flying this plane.

Pictured Below:  Pictures of the Piper Arrow III

Good Flights!

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