Getting Acquainted With The Arrow II (not the III I've been flying) on Monday!

September 9, 2005

Well, the owner of the FBO was able to lease an Arrow II (to substitute for the Arrow III that is still waiting for its' replacement engine) and all the paperwork, insurance, etc. is set-up and taken care of. My instructor and I are going to have a session together in the Arrow II, on Monday at 12PM. He said we would do a couple of sessions in it and 'I should be ready for the complex portion of my checkride on the 21rst at 12PM noon'.

I'm sure I'll feel (at least I hope I do) a little less skeptical about things once I have had a chance to fly the Arrow II (remember the Arrow III that I've been working in is down, still).

I'm going to continue going through the Arrow II information manual I purchased and drill 'the numbers' (that are in MPH and not KNOTS) in my head. In the latter regard, I don't think it should be such an issue (i.e. MPH vs. KPH) since all I need to deal with is the 'number' to make the plane do what I want it to do. The V-speeds seem fairly easy to recall in the Arrow II.

I'm also presuming (just a guess, I don't know) that since the Arrow II has a stubbier, rectangular wing (unlike the Arrow III) that it might even be more 'trainer-like' in handling.

I just spoke to my CFI on the phone moments ago,,, gotta admit I still feel a bit odd about this quick change. I suspect that after Monday's session (as I said earlier) my skepticism will fade.

BTW, any of you out there fly (or have flown) both the Arrow II and the Arrow III? If so, any tips on any differences I may notice (other than the airspeed indicator being calibrated in MPG)? I obviously need to become acquainted with my new 'flying friend',, the Arrow II. ;0)

Part of me kind of welcomes the opportunity to try 'another' plane (although I realize it is just a slightly different model), although I'd be lying if I didn't say I sure wish it would be at a time other than 12 days before my checkride <g>.

I'm sure it will all work out fine (or my instructor would have sounded more 'concerned' on the phone,,,,,, right????  ;0) )

Have a great weekend!

Good Flights!


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