Watsonville Municipal Airport (KWVI)

Watsonville, California

(Munchkin's Flight #2)

FlyKid wearing the new headset he had asked Santa for.  He is holding Lindberg - The Pilot Bear 'for me' (FlyKid's X-mas gift to the pilot).

The original plan for this flight day involved a totally different destination; however we got as far as Altamont Pass and had to turn around 'cause the ground visibility was deteriorating.  This was FlyKid's second flight (the first time you'll remember that we could only stay in-the-pattern, due to weather).  So, we thought we might fly to Monterey or Salinas for dinner.  Plans changed, when we saw the cloud cover so we decided to have something to eat at Watsonville Airport (WVI) for an early dinner.

Anderson Lake Dam

View of cloud cover over the coast (couldn't do Monterey, either)Nope, don't think we'll go that way. :-)

Watsonville Airport (WVI) - Time to land,, getting hungry.....

On the ground at Watsonville Airport.  Immediately, de-plane for food!!!!

Pilot Guy, FlyKid and Mom


Good Flights!

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