42nd Annual

Watsonville Fly-In & Air Show

Watsonville, California


Goodness knows that I've been doing lots of flying in preparation for upcoming and previous checkrides, so I thought I owed myself a flying day where I'd just fly somewhere just for the fun of flying there! :)  So, last Sunday (May 28th, 2006) I took up one of the two-seater trainers at my FBO since it was only me (a Cessna 152) and took off from Reid-Hillview and was off to Watsonville Municipal airport for the final day of the airshow!

I had made sure I read all the notes on their website for pilots that would be flying-in to the show.  Although normally Watsonville Municipal is a non-towered airport, the FAA put in a temporary tower to handle the traffic for the safety and best interests of all! :)

Climbing out in the Cessna 152, on a downwind departure from Reid-Hillview airport with Lake Cunningham (home of Raging Waters) in the lower-right of the photo
Heading southward:  A quick shot over the red engine cowling of the Cessna 152.  Just at the tip of the nose you can see San Martin (South County) Airport.
Final Approach for runway 20; Watsonville Municipal Airport.  Picture taken from digital frame sample of video camera mounted with suction mount on right side.



With the vast choice of food concessionaires here, if you somehow managed to leave this airshow hungry, you had to be doing something wrong :0)



Just when you thought you'd seen it all.....  A motorized cooler you can sit on and ride, for your drinks and cold-cuts! 


Coast Guard's Hercules Aircraft

I have so many more photos and videos of the day but I really just wanted to give you all a taste of all that is the Watsonville Air Show .  If any of you out there get a chance to check out this airshow some year, you will be treated to an old-fashioned air show that still exists in the midst of a modern age.

The show concludes and it's time to go.  Here's a shot of the Pacific Ocean in the background with some of Watsonville in the foreground.

Flying over the ridgeline that separates Watsonville from 'the rest of the world'; beyond which lies Gilroy and part of San Martin.
The last bit of Gilroy below with the town of San Martin towards the center of the picture.
San Martin (South County) Airport below.  If you look closely you can see a small plane on final approach for the runway.. It's just a very small white speck (hint:  look well to the left of that small parking lot that comes well before the runway).

Back home at RHV, <oops>.. I guess I didn't use enough sunscreen... : )

On the ground at Nice Air, in San Jose looking rather sunburned... <oops> (picture taken with by self, with my left hand <g>).

Why yes, I *did* remember to use sunscreen.  Only problem was that on the flight over I decided to leave the sunscreen off my forehead and away from my eyes since I didn't want to risk having some sunscreen and perspiration from my forehead mix and get into my eyes while in flight.  Only problem was that by the time I landed at Watsonville and secured the plane, I had totally forgot about applying that sunscreen to the rest of my face.  I didn't catch my mistake, 'till I was washing up at Watsonville and caught my reflection in the mirror.

Even still.... a great local adventure and a well-spent day! :)


Good Flights!

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

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