Tomorrow's the 'Ride'!

July 11, 2006

I really need to get to sleep soon, but I wanted to get this journal entry in, since tomorrow is the BIG day!  Remember when I started all of this by beginning the first step (Instrument Rating) back in 2003?  Goodness, getting to this point has been sort of like going (almost) to a 4 year college or maybe a Graduate-level degree would be a better comparison,, at least in-terms of time.

I'm making this entry from a Best Western Inn on Tully, just a 1/4 of a mile away from my home airport (Reid-Hillview).  Since my 'ride' is tomorrow at 8am (I better get to sleep soon and make this short <grin>), it made more sense to stay overnight so that I wouldn't have to battle commute hour traffic to get here.  After all, why add to stress.... <grin>

Last night I did my last review until around 2:30am this morning.  This afternoon I spent time at my home airport (no flying) just to double-check paperwork, planes, etc.

I really need to get to sleep (partly to catch-up from my late night/early morning study) so I'll end this here.  This time tomorrow (around 10PM) I will know how the CFI checkride went.   I'll let ya all know as soon as I know! :)

Good Night!


Good Flights !!!


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