San Francisco Bay Tour

San Francisco, California


The San Francisco Bay Tour

There was a lot of detail in the photos that I didn't want to lose by shrinking the file sizes.  So, if you are accessing this page by a dial-up modem you should likely plan on a fair wait, but I promise you the images will be well worth it - maybe make some coffee or cocoa while you are waiting. :0)


The sheer beauty of the San Francisco Bay Tour.  I had a glorious Sunday (finally a break in the weather) and thought I 'owed' myself a 'just-for-fun' flight.  Above and below you can see the San Francisco Bay, from the vantage point of the sky.

Looking at the Dumbarton Bridge

San Carlos Airport in the middle-third of the picture with highway 101 going right by it


Abeam San Francisco International Airport with highway 101 rolling on by......

Pictured you can see the City of San Francisco in the distance over the hills and part of the entrance to 'The Gate' in the first third of the photo.  The 'macramé knot of the 380 interchange off of highway 101.  You can see highway 101 beginning it's right turn around San Bruno mountain.  In the distance you can just make out Candlestick Park (now "Monster Cable Park" <sheesh>), if you look carefully.

Flying over South San Francisco enroute to the Golden Gate Bridge

Looking out towards the San Francisco Bay.  The visibility is so good you can see Mount Diablo way in the distance on the other side of the bay.

The city of San Francisco with downtown San Francisco in the distance with the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island visible in the middle top of the photo.  City of Oakland visible across the bay in the distance.

Great shot of Sutro Tower with downtown San Francisco visible beyond it.

Passing over the avenues headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge

Visible in the picture:  the entrance to 'The Gate' and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Baker Beach in the lower right third of the photograph.  In the upper right portion of the photo you can see Angel Island and the bay covered with sailboats.

Abeam of the city with a view of the Bay Bridge just beyond the downtown center in the distance.

Hardly needing an introduction... The Golden Gate Bridge...

A view of the Golden Gate Brige.  Crissy Field (originally a military airport) to the right of the bridge.

Another view from the Marin side.  In the upper left third you can see Alcatraz Island

Angel Island in the upper right-hand corner of the photograph and Tiburon in the foreground

Could be wrong on this one,, but I believe it is the San Rafael Bridge with San Quentin just in the bottom middle third of the photo

Above:  Petaluma Municipal Airport Terminal Building and Pilot Lounge

Below:  Inside the 29er Diner!  Great food and aviation decor!!! :) 

Stopped by 29er Diner for lunch ... and then headed back via; Concord - Livermore - San Jose.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! :)

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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