Harry Sham Field (KMOD)

Modesto, California

On our way, looking at San Antonio Reservoir

Livermore Airport (LVK)

'Orchards' of Electric Windmill Generators used by PG&E to supplement our power grid.

On final at Modesto Airport, cleared for 25L

The terminal waiting area at the airport.

Ticketing desk for Modesto Airport

Lunch time!!!

While planning the flight I checked out for 'must visit' lunch opportunities and 'discovered' St. Stan's

What a wonderful place to have lunch.  You have to seek this place out for a great lunch and excellent waitpersons!

The "Paper Boy" statue dedicated to the young newspaper couriers

This beautiful park lies just behind the "Paper Boy" statue and the old Victorian building.

With evening approaching PilotGuy and MzWings line-up for our take-off roll.

Thank you Modesto!

Good Flights!


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner) http://www.wizardofdraws.com

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