Mefford Field Airport (KTLR)

 Tulare, California

PilotGuy had originally planned (read: hoped) to leave around 10:00AM as to provide time to explore the town of Tulare, but the weather in previous days wasn't providing appropriate ceilings for departure until 1PM or so.  The day of the flight was no exception and the ceiling didn't lift until a little after 1PM....  but off to Tulare!!!  
This is one of those lucky shots that I took by pointing the camera over my shoulder and blindly taking the shot.  If you look the the right of the vertical stabilizer, about midpoint, you will see Reid-Hillview airport.  The colored arrow points directly at the airport.
This is a view of Livermore Airport (LVK) in Livermore, CA.  (Ya know, for an airport that is just over the hill from my airport I really haven't been to it that often.  Most of the times I remember visiting it, was during my flight training days).  Livermore Airport wasn't originally going to be my first waypoint.  My original plan was to fly south of my home airport and once I was over South County Airport (Q99) I would turn towards San Luis Reservoir and fly towards Los Banos and from there; point myself in the direction of Mefford Field (TLR).  Unfortunately, I discovered a low cloud/fog ceiling just South of Q99, so I had to turn around and go the longer way by flying over Calaveras Reservoir to Livermore to Los Banos and then towards my destination.  I was already limited on time, with the delay, so the extra half hour of flight time wasn't going to allow for a great deal of time in Tulare.  I called Oakland Radio to revise my flight plan (so that if anything should happen they would know to look for me in the right place <GRIN>).

A view of the electricity generating windmills in the Altamont Pass area.

Tracy Municipal Airport, an 'unofficial' waypoint for our journey.

I have just made it back around the long way and can see what would have been my second waypoint (had I been able to go the 'southern route'), San Luis Reservoir in the distance.  To the right of the reservoir you can see what originally made me turn back and take the long way around (a solid layer of clouds).  I've always been grateful that you can see clouds from way off (in the daytime).

At this point PilotGuy is thinking that he is sure glad that he isn't over there (see the cloud layer).

Taking in the view of the farmland below.....

PilotGuy really should make notes of the shots he takes so that he will know what they are when he looks at them again.  I am almost certain this is a picture of Visalia Airport (middle right) with the town of Visalia in the upper left corner of the picture.  Please write me to tell me if it isn't.. <grin>
On the ground at Mefford Field in Tulare, CA.  Let the 'race' begin....  only have just enough time to get some early dinner before I have to head back......  off we go for some food....

On one side of the airport you will find this memoriam and several military planes



... This is just one of those 'curiosity shots'.  It is a picture of 'Mom's Motel' and there appears to be both a vacancy in the motel and OF the motel, itself. :-/

... Just across from the airport (you have to walk over a freeway overpass ramp to get to it) is what PilotGuy has been looking for:  An eatery free of 'franchise infection' - a great little discovery called Lyn's Cafe!

This diner (which has been here since the late 50's) is actually much bigger than this picture would infer. The other side has more booths with additional seating on those old style swivel seats up front at the counter.  I learned that the original owner had sold it some time ago but it remains alive and well; serving the locals and the visitors driving along the small highway that runs by it.

The food was delicious and the service was warm and friendly.  Old style service and quality that made me want to blink, just to make sure that I hadn't 'time-traveled' back into the past <grin>.


On the way back to the airport and caught this view of the small highway that passes between where the diner is and a view of the airport on the other side.
A view of my shadow and my favorite Cessna 152, looking like an eager 'sky-puppy' anxious for the chance to leap back into the skies.

A final look over the wing as I turn to the first heading home.
We all have memories that we know we will retain for all of our lives.  For me, it is moments like these in the sky, watching the sun setting as it slowly fades from view and night begins.  So often non-fliers will ask me why I fly and I don't always have the right words to tell them...  The only thing I can tell you is this; flying allows one to experience the true 'rapture' of being alive.  There is no 'sleepwalking' through life when you fly; reality and the very essence of being in the moment are there,, vivid and rich.  Single golden moments, simultaneously and without contradiction - temporal and eternal. Endless landscapes and vistas that take your soul soaring....  Why do I fly?  It is because it makes my very, spirit, sing.....

Heading back home to Reid-Hillview with the sun setting in the distance

Back at Reid-Hillview with the C-152 all tied-down and 'tucked-in' for the night!  :-)

See ya next time!  And GOOD FLIGHTS!!!!!  :-)




Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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