Red Bluff Municipal Airport (KRBL)

Red Bluff, California

(with a lunch stop at Willows (WLW) Airport, Willows, California)


September 09, 2006

I flew a familiarization flight (a Private Pilot just wanted me to fly along for any tips I could offer) yesterday.  Exactly 4.7 hours of actual flight time - round trip.  We flew from Reid-Hillview to Red Bluff Municipal, with a stop at Willows Airport and lunch at Nancy's Airport Cafe.

Below Pictured:  Mount Diablo (which is over 3800 feet Mean Sea Level altitude):

 Concord Airport below (picture taken from 6,500 feet)

(below) I enlarged the photo below so that you might be able (added a red arrow) to see the old 'mothballed' Navy ships which are just docked in-place together. The latter makes a good landmark (and appears on the sectional chart as 'Reserve Fleet');

Although not easily visible in this photo on the left (because of the haze), just over that ridge is Lake Berryessa

Willows Airport (below)

(above) - A familiar old friend (remember I visited it during my Solo Commercial Cross-Country), it was good to introduce my student to this great airport cafe


Great food and great prices!  My second time back here and the service is consistently excellent!

(below) It's important to mention that Nancy's Airport Cafe is way down near the end of the field.  Just look for the self-service pump (blue arrow) and to the right of the pump (indicated by the red arrow) is Nancy's Airport Cafe.  There are tie-downs right where the large pink arrow is pointed.

Goodbye Willows Airport and then off we head to Red Bluff Municipal airport (about 30 minutes away or so).

(below) In the distance, Red Bluff Municipal Airport (KRBL)

(below) With a banner that says, "Welcome to Red Bluff", we stop for a brief picture and then head back to the runway again!

There aren't that many pictures on the way back (at least until we got closer to Mount Diablo) because the haze and sun position were working together to make photography difficult from my flight instructor position (right seat). (picture on left)
(picture on left)

I've always told students that the advantage of having Mount Diablo is that it makes the last part of the navigation quite easy.

Just fly to the right of the mountain and you'll be back on-course!

Below, Concord Airport with the fog, slowly trying to edge itself over the hills....

Below:  Flying towards Calaveras Reservoir (beyond the first body of water and just peeking out from between the hills)





















(above) I stow away the camera and we begin the very last leg of our trip back to Reid-Hillview.  The sun has just set over the hills, we turn on the position lights and head home after another shared flying adventure...

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