Madera Municipal Airport (KMAE)

Madera, California

(Father of PilotGuy takes to the skies again!)


Father of PilotGuy, came down for a visit, so naturally I made sure that there was going to be a plane available for another father-son flight.

Hmm....  Now THIS looks like a familiar scene to PilotGuy.  All that's missing is breakfast and the kitchen table (Pop is checking out the local news at the RHV airport lounge while we wait for the fog to leave and the ceilings to rise).
Looking over the nose cowling of my favorite C-152, getting ready to start the engine......  Dad hasn't begged to be let out, even once! :-) 

PilotGuy with Dad

..... And they're off.......  A view of some of the hills southeast of San Jose, CA

Here's a view to the southwest...  A little reminder why we won't be flying near the California coastline.

Continuing our climb to our cruise altitude of 7,500 feet we can see San Luis Reservoir, our first waypoint.

Ya, know... as a pilot you can't always be sure what your passengers are thinking J

Town of Los Banos

Los Banos Airport

PilotGuy and Dad.... the in-flight 'Kodak Moment'


(If you look carefully into my left sunglass lens you will see a strange and mysterious hand holding a camera and snapping a picture..... supernatural phenomenon,,, who's to say <wink>)

On the ground at Madera Airport (MAE) in Madera, California
PilotGuy and Dad in one of those photos that you just know you'll always treasure!

Madera Municipal Airport Terminal

A view of the pilot lounge

Below:  Views of inside the terminal/pilot lounge area

Okay, here's the point where PilotGuy is giving advice that should be bronzed and committed forever to memory:

Take a cab OR call dial-a-ride to get to this restaurant.  Though the short cab ride will cost you $7 (it is a small town with a small cab company, after all), this price or the price of the dial-a-ride (which we didn't take) is well worth it.  Don't even think of trying to walk here..... I'm pleading with you ;-)

I picked Farnesi's for no other reason than it seemed to be a good place from my research on the web.  I wasn't disappointed.  Good food (!) with delightful service and staff.  It was clear that a lot of locals made it a point to come to Farnesi's.  By the way, it is also a motel, service station AND restaurant.
To 'save' cab fare, PilotGuy and Dad decided to take a recommended 'short-cut' back to the airport.  Look carefully at this photo and see if you see an airport in the distance.  Do you see it?  Neither did we,,,, for quite a while..... :-/

.... And yet,,,, this is one of those unexpected events that can turn an already great adventure into a ,,, well, umm,  more like a,,,,,  ah heck,,, take a cab back if you come here <grin>

With a few foxtails in our pants, but a great shared adventure in our hearts, PilotGuy and Dad begin the flight back home.....

A view of San Luis Reservoir off in the distance


With one of those looks that speak to the joy and contentment of being in these blue skies, here is that smile that all of us who sail the skies happily, wear.  Dad had a good time!  PilotGuy is most pleased!  J

Good Flights!  J


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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