Placerville Airport (KPVF)

Placerville, California

One of my students who recently got her Private Pilot certificate a couple of months ago wanted to go to Placerville Airport.  Since Placerville Airport is over 2,000 feet, our FBO requires that the renter pilot get a special checkout.  So, she called me up and we scheduled some time to make the check-out flight.

Sierras in the distance

Flying towards Placerville with the Sierras in the distance

On the ground at Placerville Airport

On the ground at Placerville Airport


Couldn't ask for a better day - clear blue skies and fresh, clean air!

Placerville Airport

Additional view of the tie down area looking back towards the airport terminal

Placerville Airport Terminal Building

Inside Placerville Terminal

Inside view of the terminal building, bathrooms to the left! :)

memorial bench in front of Placerville

A very touching memorial bench that sits in front of the terminal building.

Placerville Airport Sign

We called for a cab with plans to grab lunch in the town of Placerville before heading back.

Town of placerville

We arrived in town after a short cab ride......




I could tell this was going to be one of those places that I really had to come back and visit when I had more time.  Our time was limited before we had to have the plane back to San Jose and we still had to grab lunch!



"Hangman's Tree' a historic spot - old time crime control....

Placerville cafe

Time for lunch at the Old Town Grill in Placerville !

Inside Old Town Grill in Placerville

Old Town Grill menu

Placerville candy store



Time is still turning, so we take one last look at the town before heading back to the airport in a local taxi.

Placerville Airport

Taking a quick look at the Hangtown VOR antenna which is right on the airport, before we turn to leave.

On our way back to Reid-Hillview we had a wonderful tailwind that
was hastening our return.  PilotGuy has noted that this is one place he will
need to explore at length on his next visit.  I hope it will be soon! :)

 Good Flights!!!

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,
"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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