Yahoo! I'm A Student Again (Instrument Training)

Monday, April 28, 2003

I'm glad I waited a couple of years after getting my PPL before jumping into
training for the Instrument rating. While I remember thinking it would be
'nice' idea, shortly after getting my basic PPL, I wanted to wait until I
felt the same drive and determination I had for my primary training.

Well the 'IT" arrived and I am 'bitten' and determined. I spent some time
with my original CFI, today, chatting about the training that lay ahead. I
start my first day of Instrument training this coming Thursday and I'll keep
you all apprised of how the progress is going. I'll only be able to give
one day a week to the IFR flight training (my other flying time will be my
regular VFR, 'fun' activity), so I'll let you all know how things go at once
per week for the instrument ticket. I've got enough encouragement from
others that a once-a-week IFR flight day can work,,, and I do understand
that the progress won't be as blazing as if I were flying several days a
week -- but ya do what you can do. I'm in no hurry.... I've got the 'cake'
already (i.e., being a Private Pilot),,, I don't mind waiting to get the
'icing' - the IFR 'ticket' (pardon the unintentional pun <grin>).

Anyway,,,,, I'm jazzed!!!!

Below, you'll find some hyperlinks to some diary entries.  Though I haven't made as many diary entries as I would like, the ones I do have are listed in ascending chronological order.

Good Flights!

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,
"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

My First Instrument Lesson (Day One)!

My Second Instrument Lesson (Day Two)

8+ Hours of instrument time and counting..... plus of hood time and counting!!! 

Almost 20 hours of instrument and SIM time...........

Lightning and tigers and bears,,, oh MY!!!! :-)

Wow!!!  I can 'do magic'!  My 'first' real ILS approach!!!

A takeoff with foggles on......

Almost 34 hours so far........

Over 45 hours now and a 'new' idea!

56 hours,,, getting ready to pick a date for the checkride!

3/25/2004 Instrument Maneuvers

Momentary Delay In Instrument Training - a brush with male breast cancer

Yipee!!!  Back in the 'saddle' again!!!!

The day of the checkride, nears!

New Initials Follow My Name.... and the Celebration


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