"Back-off, Man...  I'm 'complex' ! " ;0)

January, 27 2005

Got my complex aircraft (i.e. retractable landing gear, flaps, and a controllable pitch propeller) endorsement in my logbook today after demonstrating to my instructor that I could once more muster together a session that would not create hazards for life or limb <grin>.

I felt pretty good about my flying in the Arrow III, today - did well, despite not being able to fly it for a couple of lessons due to it being pulled off the line for maintenance.

We did soft-field and shortfield takeoffs/landings, 3 power off approaches, couple of go-arounds (one my instructor had planned,,, the other was borne out of necessity <g>).

The last two weeks, when I couldn't get time in the Arrow, I used the time to get some instrument approach practice with my CFII in the Frasca simulator,, trying to see what got rusty. Was actually pretty good, all-considered,, though my scan was a beat-off, initially and I did momentarily miss a failed instrument but managed to get the polish back on after a couple of sessions.

So, other than one more flight in the Arrow (dual), the upcoming weeks/months will be filled with me practicing on my own, in the Arrow and in the C172 (for the commercial maneuvers). I do think I might ask for one more session with my instructor, to see what I need to work on with my maneuvers (I know that with the lessons in the Arrow, I haven't been in the 172 for a fair while); also, I will have to get used to that Cessna 'bungee steering', again <grin>.

What lies ahead is lots of practice (largely on my own). I do have the commercial night dual cross-country and 'long' solo cross-country left to do (I'm really looking forward to the solo x-country as almost all my time the past couple of years has been dollars invested in additional training for ratings/certificates - hence there haven't really been any $100 hamburger flights for awhile).

I can't tell you how much I love the challenge of all 'this' (flying, training, learning); I'm even more pleased to know that I have much more to learn, just ahead of me.

What a challenge, what a privilege and what a profound joy! Ain't nothing like this flying stuff! If those fellow creatures 'clinging' to the ground only knew what it was like up here..... ;0) wow!

{PilotGuy, just extra high on the sky, today!}


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