Hollister Municipal Airport (KCVH)

Hollister, California

Pilot Guy and MzWings set-off for a local flight to the town of Hollister.  It is a short flight of less than half-an-hour.  If you have happened to have read my text-only, 'Student Diary' link on my site, you will remember that I had been to Hollister before, during a Wings Seminar called, "Gliders for Powered Pilots".  Back then, I was just a student pilot, so me and MzWings had to drive to Hollister Airport.  So this time was doubly fun, because I got to fly and land there as a Private Pilot. 

Just 5 minutes into our 'long' <grin>  journey as we pass our only airport waypoint; San Martin Airport Q99 in San Martin California (a.k.a., South County Airport).

A golf course below.  By the way, golf courses make great neighbors for small airports and visa versa.  Because of their designs they don't pose any hazard to aircraft the way that building a mall in the approach path of an airport can.

Pictured above & below:  Views of farmland en route....

On final approach to Hollister Municipal Airport

PilotGuy making final check before heading off for the Ding-a-Ling Cafe.

A view of Hollister Municipal Airport and the overcast skies above.

A great little pilot cafe; good food and good prices.

A view inside the diner (there is more seating out on the patio that is not pictured)

Now THIS must be a 'difficult' decision for visitors to the Hollister Airport; would you rather go for a glider ride or have your taxes done.... hmmm... shouldn't have to think long on that one <GRIN>.  By the way, this is the same glider school where my wife and I took introductory glider rides during the Wings seminar I've mentioned earlier.

You probably can't read the sign in the photo, but this is the skydiving school at Hollister.  So, I guess if your taxes didn't go well at the tax preparer's office at the airport,,, geez 'what the hey' 


MzWings and PilotGuy took a cab into town (about 2 miles from the airport).  There is only ONE taxi company that serves Hollister, so they have to make their profits where they can.  Gotta admit that we were a little taken aback that a 2 mile drive cost us almost $10.  Should we come to Hollister again, we would take the bus into town which costs a little over one dollar (by the way, we discovered that this is a great way to get back to the airport too - the bus doesn't drop-off all that far from the airport.  Be aware, though that the bus operates Monday through Friday, so if you are coming-in on the weekend be ready to pay the taxi or hoof it into town.

Veterans Memorial Building in the center of town.

A mural on the side of an office building in Hollister

If you want a different 'atmosphere' from the usual during your dining experience; drop-in at The Vault restaurant.  It is a restaurant built in an old bank building, complete with a vault and 'teller windows'. 


While we're on the subject of dining/cooking; you HAVE to check this out.  This store has EVERYTHING you could want for your kitchen cooking and baking needs.  If it isn't in this store then you don't want or need it.  The staff was most courteous and exceptionally helpful.  Did I say there was a small candy/fudge shop inside?  There is,,,, and YUM!  They have a website that you can purchase from at:  www.happycookers.com

A well-done mural of the history of Hollister.  It's on a parking lot wall just a short distance from the local (old style) movie theater.

We had a great lunch at a REAL A&W Root Beer drive-in.  Unfortunately, PilotGuy & MzWings were so thrilled about this 'find' that we both forgot to shoot a picture of it.  Just ask the fellow who runs the Country/Western store in downtown Hollister where the A&W is,,,, he will give you directions - also be sure to check out his store (you can't miss it) 'cause there are some exceptional pieces of C&W wear that would impress anyone.

Heading back to the airport we looked for the transit sign - 3 Red Line run by County Express.  For transit information call:  831-636-4161

With evening quickly approaching we arrive at the airport and head-off for the plane for our return flight to RHV.

MzWings captures this shot shortly after we had taken-off from Hollister Municipal Airport

Heading northward for home, the evening lights of the city are starting to come-up.

Good Flights!


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner) http://www.wizardofdraws.com

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