FlyKid and PilotGuy off for the $100 Hamburger at Hollister Airport


Just south of Reid-Hillview airport and FlyKid is flying towards a distant visual heading and doing a fine job of it.  1500 feet above us a few clouds are passing with some associated very minor turbulence.

It isn't like he hasn't been to Hollister before, but he jumps at any chance to go flying with me, so I was glad to wedge in a trip in-between my training schedule

Didn't take a lot of photos as there really wasn't any 'territory' that hadn't been covered before.... but I got a few digital pics of FlyKid.











Below:  A young pilot with a mission..... gotta get some 'grub' at the Ding-A-Ling Cafe

Despite all the times I've been here, I've never got down to the 'mystery' of why this cafe has the name of 'Ding A Ling'... Most of the other on-airport cafes are along the lines of the "29er Diner" or "30 Cafe" ,, "Sky Kitchen",,, etc...   I have to explore this one day... I meant to ask today but we were in a hurry to get some food and get back to Reid-Hillview.

 Turning eleven years old, later next month, FlyKid is at an age where he is starting to get annoyed when waitresses give him the kid's menu with crayons and a picture to color on.  By the way, food is basic, but GREAT and the waitresses at this place,,, great service, polite and cute to boot! :0)

As it was, it took us forever to find a break in the steady stream of planes that were in position for landing at the airport, by the time we could get on the runway it was looking like we weren't going to make it on-time.

Well we landed,,, but by the time we got into the FBO with the flight bag we were about 25 minutes late.  I ran into the poor fellow who had the plane after us and apologized, profusely.  Letting him know that we totally intended to get back in-time but were delayed.  He was, initially a little upset, but once he heard about the reasons for our delay he was very fair about it all.

Took some coaxing but I managed to get FlyKid to take off his 'cool shades' for a photo.... ;)


Getting ready to head home,,, one more pic of FlyKid at the airport gate! :)

Good Flights!!!

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,
"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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