FlyKid Returns To The Skies!

Last time you saw FlyKid (a.k.a., FlyKid), he was 6 or 7 years old.  His absence from the air certainly wasn't due to any lack of desire on his part, nor unwillingness on the part of PilotGuy to bring him along.  If you'll recall I've spent the last several years working on my Instrument rating and then moving to my Commercial Certificate training.  With all this training it hasn't left a lot of extra flying pennies.

When FlyKid (who turned 10 years old in March of this year) asked me recently, I steeled my mind to the notion that it just had to happen and I would work it into my training/flying budget <grin>.

So, May 22nd, 2005 (a Sunday) FlyKid and PilotGuy set-off to the airport so that we could share a local flying 'adventure'!  Before leaving the house, we made sure that he had a disposable camera so that he could take pictures of whatever he wished.

FlyKid getting ready to help with the tiedowns! :0)


Here we are shortly after take-off.  We are passing through 1700 feet and FlyKid had decided that his first photo should be the instrument panel.
Now on a downwind departure, FlyKid (showing a really good eye for composition) snaps this picture with the disposable camera of the Raging Waters Theme Park with Reid-Hillview Airport in the background
Yet another great shot taken by FlyKid of the local reservoir and dam.
A moment I'm sure that FlyKid was eagerly anticipating; PilotGuy trims out the plane and lets FlyKid try his hand at straight-and-level flight.  For a heading, PilotGuy tells FlyKid to keep us flying towards that mountain peak that looks like a 'nipple' that appears in the photo above on the far right.
A shot of FlyKid and PilotGuy, shoulder to shoulder in the skies in the Cessna 152! :0)

(P.S.  PilotGuy apologizes for the graininess of some of the in-cockpit shots, but PilotGuy failed to select a disposable camera that was for outdoor AND INDOOR use - no fault of FlyKid's technique)


As with all great things, our flight seemed to end too soon.  FlyKid did a great job flexing his 'flying muscles' and really seemed to enjoy the adventure as much as PilotGuy enjoyed sharing it with him.  PilotGuy has decided that this is a 'must-repeat' experience, with, say, a flight to Petaluma airport to share a '$100 hamburger' with his stepson!

No sooner than we landed, did FlyKid ask how soon we could fly together again (suggesting that we might fly to Petaluma, next time ((great flying minds think alike, you know!))) as he had a great time.  PilotGuy told FlyKid that we would try to get a flight together in the next upcoming month!

Well, FlyKid didn't shirk his tie-down duties after we landed and helped tie-down the plane and organized our gear for transport back to the car.

A great day was had by all, today! :0)


Good Flights!!!


Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,
"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner)

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