New Initials:  PP-ASEL changes to  PP-ASEL-IA (Instrument Airplane)



Did it!!!!  Just passed my Instrument Checkride.  A quick, week or two, breather and I will be off to beginning my Commercial Certificate training!!!!

Feels like the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders....  Can't wait to go on to new avenues of learning!!!!

PilotGuy Celebrates Passing His Instrument Checkride!



Not much to add here.  My wife, MzWings, my stepson, FlyKid (9 years old) and my long-time best friend, Richard, celebrate my becoming an official 'cloud jockey' with an early dinner and a cake that the waitress let us smuggle in. ;0)

PilotGuy with cake:  "9-1-2004 Congratulations Me!  PP-ASEL-IA"   (Private Pilot - Airplane, Single-Engine, Land - Instrument Airplane)

The two accomplices (below); Richard and FlyKid (my stepson) are secretly devising a plan for the next photo!

Richard - the mastermind of the plot ;0)

FlyKid - 'co-conspirator'


Swiftly their plot is revealed! :)

Now onward to the Commercial Certificate,,, start in a little over a week - can hardly wait to look out the windscreen again, without those training 'foggles'!

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