PilotGuy-the-CFI and his Cross-Country Adventures with Flight Students


I've actually made a handful of cross-country flights as a flight instructor with former students who had become Private Pilots and wanted me along for some pointers.  After I became a CFI and began instruction, I wasn't sure what direction bayareapilot should take.  I had toyed with the idea of having online diary entries of my flight instruction adventures with students (like I did in the other pages of this website), but I decided what a flight instructor shares with his/her student (including the adventures that occur when a student makes normal initial mistakes) should be the student's 'own' and not shared with the whole world unless that is what the student wanted.

So, I figure I can share some pics of dual cross-country trips with my students that are new destinations that haven't been covered already by the Journeys section of bayareapilot.com.  I'll likely even add a diary section, of sorts, and maybe share vague/generic (with identities 'protected' <GRIN>) 'adventures' and learning experiences that I glean from my interaction with my flight instruction students.

I'm loving being a CFI (began instructing the last week of July 2006, one week after getting my flight instructor certificate) and every day that I go to the flight line, I just have to 'pinch myself' to make sure that I'm not just having a terrific dream.  I truly feel generously blessed by this opportunity and I will always endeavor to be the very best I can be with my students.

I have a CFI website that I am putting together, but since it is only one page thus far, I won't share the link yet (I'm still building and designing content for it) but when the core of the site is complete  I'll be sure to let you all know here!

Below are some links to some dual cross country flights I've made with students (once again, I've only included those that involve destinations that haven't been covered on this website before).

By the way, just so you won't be thinking you're experiencing 'deja vu' with some pics that look identical, I wanted to mention that if I revisit a place and get a better photo of the location, I'll insert that into a previous flight adventure.  For instance, when I flew, again, to Petaluma with one of my flight student's, recently - I added some of the photos I took of that flight (mainly more pictures of the airport itself).  I've also done this with the recent flight to Red Bluff with another student where we had a stop at Willows Airport (an airport I made a previous visit to during my Solo Commercial Cross-Country).  So, if I manage to get a better shot of an identical destination (one that I've been to before), I'll just share that image on both journey pages.


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